AutoThe DS 3 Crossback debuts special editions

The DS 3 Crossback debuts special editions

DS was born as a brand willing to rebel against monotony . It would not do it from a position of sportsmanship and spectacular performance, as Abarth did at the time or Cupra intends to do. DS knows that his game is in another league: that of Parisian glamor . These models, which at the time were Citroën’s top range, have come to represent ‘French know-how’ through their design, neatness and exclusivity. Boredom is not part of their perception of the automotive industry, so launching special editions is a perfect fit. Series like the ones they presented a few days ago called DS 3 Crossback Ines de la Fressange and DS 3 Crossback Connected Chic 2 .

Both models try to give the DS 3 Crossback a spin, the most compact member of the French family. In this article we talk about the electric variant of this B-SUV , renamed DS 3 Crossback E-Tense. This alternative, which is manufactured on the same platform as the rest of its combustion brothers, offers up to 320 kilometers of electric autonomy (WLTP cycle). Its technology, derived from the participation of the firm in Formula E, plays with driving modes and engine retention to be able to modify its behavior depending on the driver’s condition. For those who do not have the possibility of charging an electric car, the DS 3 Crossback is also available with gasoline and diesel engines ranging from 130 to 155 HP of power .

DS 3 Crossback Ines de la Fressange

You may not identify Ines de la Fressange with the automotive industry, it doesn’t have much to do with engines, wheels, gasoline and grease. She is one of the most famous French models of recent times and has redirected her career towards design, becoming a true guru of Parisian fashion. Her way of perceiving beauty makes her one more example of French ‘know-how’, a style that DS defends in its models. For this reason, this union has arisen in a natural and almost essential way.

This DS 3 Crossback Ines de la Fressange is only available in Encre Blue , combined with the Nera Pearl Black roof. These shades will blend with the red Ines of the mirrors and the centers of the 18-inch diamond wheels. The sophistication does not end on the exterior, it continues in an interior with exclusive upholstery worked by the teams of DS Automobiles and Ines de La Fressange Paris . This fabric is produced in the workshops that your brand owns in Ariège, which use leather braiding techniques in the purest artisan style.

Pure luxury

50 units will be put on sale in the Spanish market, so it is a special edition of few units with a price of 36,550 euros . This DS 3 Crossback mounts the 130 hp diesel block with 8-speed automatic transmission, the most balanced combination in its portfolio. When we get one of these models we will receive an exclusive purse from the Marcia line, signed by the model and designer.

Details that will make it even more aspirational and equally safe, with the latest ADAS systems such as emergency braking up to 140 km / h, cruise control, active lane departure alert, blind spot control, headlights DS MATRIX LED VISION matrix lights and front and rear parking aid, among others.

DS 3 Connected Chic 2

The second special edition launched by DS is not limited in terms of units, it is the DS 3 Crossback Connected Chic 2 . The range of this compact SUV has a finish called So Chic, from which this series starts to add equipment solutions such as wireless charging, DS Connected Nav, parking sensors and specific design details.

Unlike the Ines de la Fressange model, this DS Crossback Connected Chic will be available in all eight colors in the range , combined with three different roof shades . The interior shows improvements in the materials used, since leather takes center stage on the dashboard and doors. We can get a Connected Chic 2 with a 130 hp gasoline engine and automatic transmission from 33 150 euros.

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