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The end of email?

pad-transformer How much time do you spend checking your email each day? Of all the emails you receive, how many are really useful? These are the questions that have led Thierry Breton, CEO of Atos Origin, one of the most important European technology services companies and former French Minister of Economy, to establish a “zero-email” policy in his company. .
The French tycoon aims to completely eradicate email in his company within a few years, and wants communication between his employees to be through short messages such as chat or communication platforms inspired by social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Breton argues that only 10 percent of the 200 messages his employees receive daily are of any use, and that it is not normal for so many hours of work to be wasted handling email.
Will it be the end of email? Despite the rise of social networks on the Internet, the truth is that the volume of emails continues to increase every year. The flood of information received is difficult to control, and forces us to spend many hours reading, deleting and answering emails. Mr Breton has already adopted the new method: “If people want to talk to me, let them come see me, call me or send me a text message. E-mails cannot replace spoken language.”

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