FunThe fastest growing plants for impatient gardeners

The fastest growing plants for impatient gardeners

If you are fond of gardening but especially want to see quick results with a garden full of flowers and color, you should know that some plants are capable of growing faster than others without forgetting the importance of taking care of everything you plant correctly. Let’s get to know the fastest growing plants for impatient gardeners below.

The fastest growing plants for impatient gardeners

When it comes to the care of the garden or the plants on the terrace or balcony , impatience is not advisable considering that many plants, if not all, have their specific growing and growing season, so It will not be so much a matter of choosing plants that are fast to grow, which there are and we are going to list them, as knowing how to plant them at the time, with adequate soil, with the necessary sunlight and without their recommended doses of water and compost are missing.

With good care of our plants they will grow progressively, but if you have just started growing plants in your garden and want it to look flowery as soon as possible, then you can also choose the species that we list below.

  • Roses: Roses are fairly fast growing shrubs. The smaller ones have a rapid development and are the floribunda and the polyantha.
  • Creeping plants : Creeping plants have a fairly rapid growth and serve to cover land and consolidate roads.
  • Euphorbias : Euphorbias are very fast flowering plants. There are many shapes and many bearings and some are succulent.
  • The persicaria : It is a plant that once buried or placed in a pot, needs little care. It has strange bloody red inflorescences. Its leaves are large and showy.
  • Oleanders : They are small garden trees and among the fastest growing are lantana, pyracantha, all lilacs and viburnums, loropetum, laurel, the lonicera widely used for hedges and escallonia.
  • Geraniums : Among the fast growing garden and pot plants, the geranium is well known. It adapts to the pot or the ground, there are many species and varieties, and the best known and most widespread grow quickly.
  • Pastures : Among the grasses, there are some that reach full maturity in a few years.
  • Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas, if you have good soil and irrigation is constant and abundant, have a fairly rapid growth. They need little pruning and in a few years they become large shrubs.
  • The gaura and the santolina : They are easy plants to find in the nursery and to multiply by cutting or dividing the head. They have a short life cycle, so they grow fast.

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