FunThe insects that can kill your garden and how...

The insects that can kill your garden and how to get rid of them

Growing and tasting organic fruits and vegetables from our garden is a real pleasure. And it is even more so when we know that we have not damaged the environment or our health with pesticides or a toxic substance. However, many small parasitic insects come to bother us when the vegetables are growing, so that we now know what are the main insects that can destroy your garden and how to get rid of them naturally.

The insects that can kill your garden and how to get rid of them

There are many insects that can attack or affect the crops in our garden and depending on each of them we can apply a specific remedy, so it will be better to analyze those insects that are more common one by one and see how to eliminate each one of them. them.

What to do to eradicate aphids?

Some species of aphids eat the leaves and suck the stems of our plants, being perhaps the most intense pest that affects crops. To control this pest and protect your crops, all you need to do is spray the plants with black soap diluted in water . Better choose an ecological black soap: without perfume or addition of chemical substances. Nicotine is also a very effective repellent against aphids. Water your garden with nicotine water at the rate of 5 centigrams per liter of water.

In addition, you can opt for the anti-aphid alternative of repellent plants. Its odors are hated by aphids and will not disturb your beloved salads. For example, you can plant mint, chives, or lemon balm alongside your green salads. You can also put basil near your tomatoes or tulbaghia around the garden.

And another option is to use a totally opposite method, that is, to use plants that attract insects. In fact, aphids love the nasturtium flower. If you place it near your garden, insects will land on this flower and leave your garden alone.

How to scare away slugs?

Slugs are often one of our biggest enemies when gardening. His victims? Your salads, lettuces and the cabbage family. However, it is fairly easy to remove slugs from the garden with a few tips.

You can sprinkle ash around the plants to be protected. This will prevent damage to the leaves and roots of your fruits and vegetables. However, be careful because this method is only useful when the ash is quite dry. If it rains, it loses its effectiveness.

Also, slugs and snails hate coppery material. Therefore, you can find copper strips on the market. This material scares them and leaves your crops alone.

Also, if you have a few minutes each morning to spend in your garden, you can use the board system to catch the slugs. In fact, this technique is based on placing wooden planks throughout the garden . The wood will retain moisture and slugs will love to crawl underneath. Every morning you can lift and turn the boards . All you have to do is remove the slugs and put them at the other end of the garden.

How to eliminate ants?

The ant does not destroy the leaves, stems or roots of your plants, but cuts the fruits and takes the seeds to its anthill. Various solutions can be used to keep them away without killing them. In fact, unlike other insects, the ant is not a bad beast for the garden, you just have to limit its number.

You can use diatomaceous earth, a natural insecticide. You can spread it all over the garden. However, care must be taken to add this powder as soon as it rains because moisture causes it to lose its properties.

Another natural remedy will be to try spreading coffee grounds around the plants, or even planting garlic or strong mint near the attacked vegetables. You can learn more about coffee grounds on this site.

What to do to repel the garden flea beetle?

The flea beetle, this beetle also called a ground flea, is a dangerous insect for your vegetables, especially in dry weather and when they are still young. This little unwanted bug burrows a lot of holes in your salads, cabbage leaves, radishes, etc.

These little animals are especially present when temperatures exceed 20 degrees. At this point to eliminate this parasitic insect you have to begin to be cautious and be careful. You should know that the flea beetle hates moisture. In fact, one of the best ways to combat them is to pour a little water all over the garden, early in the morning and at night as soon as the sun sets.

In addition, flea beetles cannot stand strong odors, so you can repel this insect with garlic or chilli manure, or with wood ash mixed with water.

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