EconomyFinancialThe fine print of "30 days free" trials

The fine print of "30 days free" trials

“Free 30-day trial” is a legend that users often find on paid services like streaming. This is usually an attractive promotion, since people have the opportunity to try the service to see if they like it and if not, cancel it before the first charge is made; however, you have to be cautious with these types of offers.

Those who acquire this type of promotion must be aware of their invoices in order to detect improper charges during the period in which the services were designated as free, according to the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco).

A common mistake that consumers make is not to read contracts and only be guided by the aforementioned legend, however, in the event of any irregularity, having read the fine print can make a difference, because sometimes the free period may be subject to some terms and conditions.

Of course, whether you liked the service or not, you have the right to cancel additional services at any time.

“If your service provider provided you with free trial promotions, consider keeping them after their expiration date, since they generate a cost from that moment on. If you do not wish to continue with these services, you can request their cancellation”, points out Profeco.

What you should know about free trial promotions

Through its Twitter account, Profeco recalled that consumers have the right to carry out the following actions regarding the cancellation of these services.

  • The cancellation can be requested through any of the service channels that your provider has.
  • The cancellation will be reflected within a maximum period of five calendar days from your cancellation request.
  • Cancellation or non-payment of this additional service does not result in the cancellation or suspension of your primary telecommunications services.

What to do if the supplier does not respect the terms of the promotion?

In this case, you can file your complaint with Profeco at (remember to check the participating providers).

In person, you can go to the Consumer Defense Offices (ODECO), locate the one closest to your address at .

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