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The fire brigade digs up the whole street – and frees the dog from the sewer system

Firefighters use heavy equipment to dig up a road in Texas to rescue a dog. A child plays a key role in the rescue mission.

Kassel / Texas – The fire brigade in the US state of Texas has dug up a whole street with heavy equipment. Reason for use: A dog fell into the sewer system. The firefighters from the Arlington County Fire Department cut open the asphalt of a road to rescue the animal.

Previously, residents had heard a dog whining and barking all over the neighborhood for two days. Eventually they found out that the frightened animal was trapped in the sewer. The only chance to free the bitch was to dig her up. The fire department suspected the animal was exactly under a street. With the help of the police, paramedics and other helpers, they opened the pavement of the street and exposed the sewer pipe.

Fire brigade digs up the street to save dog: child plays a decisive role

Im US-Bundesstaat Texas wurde die Feuerwehr zu einer Rettungsmission der anderen Art gerufen. (Symbolbild)


In the US state of Texas, the fire department was called on a different kind of rescue mission. (Symbol image)

When they opened the pipe with heavy equipment, the next problem was waiting. The dog was nowhere to be seen. In addition, the pipe was too small for one person to get the animal out. The solution: the skateboard of a child who had been watching the rescue mission. Finally, the emergency services can free the frightened bitch from the pipe. The next time the Arlington County Fire Department thanked the child with a demonstration at their kindergarten.

The fire brigade also had to go on a spectacular rescue mission near Kassel. As in the United States, a dog was stuck in a sewer pipe. (ebb)

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