AutoThe future of gasoline, chronicle of an announced end

The future of gasoline, chronicle of an announced end

We have known for a long time that the future of gasoline cars, in the same way that diesel cars, have their days numbered. To date, we thought that the future of internal combustion engines would depend directly on fossil fuel reserves. However, as of today, it is anticipated that oil reserves could still last for another fifty years. Despite the fact that the estimate of these reserves has finally been more favorable than those thought decades ago, the truth is that the end of gasoline cars is closer than we could have come to think years ago, and it should not be to something other than climate change, which will be irreversible if the necessary measures are not taken in this regard from now on.

To this reason, some geopolitical factors are added, such as the fact that some countries do not want to depend on imports from other foreign countries, thus betting on other types of energy. For these reasons, the idea of mobility that we had until now is being transformed little by little, and more and more alternative fuel vehicles are circulating on our roads to the detriment of those powered by conventional fuels.

Very ambitious goals

The European Union (EU) has already taken the step of betting on cleaner or renewable energies. In fact, in recent times, it has been in charge of tightening the emission reduction regulations for the automotive industry. Specifically, by 2030, CO2 emissions will have to be 30% lower; while in 2050, 60%. To achieve these ambitious goals, vehicle manufacturers have already started to push the market for hybrid, electric or gas car models. In addition, fines have been provided for those firms that exceed the CO2 limits, while in large cities the various traffic restriction measures, designed specifically to reduce pollution, are already beginning to be implemented. So, in this context, what will happen to gasoline?

The end of gasoline, ever closer?

The truth is that there are disparities of opinions. Some automakers are betting that gasoline still has several decades to live, opting for the option of living a more leisurely electrification, leaving diesel and gasoline to survive at least thirty more years. However, countries like ours already mark the end of this type of fuel with laws such as Climate Change and Energy Transition, which will set 2040 as the limit year from which the registration and sale of vehicles that emit CO2. The regulation will go beyond simply banning gasoline and diesel cars, but will also ban hybrids and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which have been presented in recent years as one of the least polluting alternatives to gasoline. And not only that, but some brands have already announced that they will anticipate this moment when they will stop producing cars equipped with combustion engines.

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