AutoThe future of Lexus is electric and passionate

The future of Lexus is electric and passionate

The history of Lexus has a common thread since its inception: to get the best driving experience in its vehicles . Toyota’s premium firm celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019 , an important milestone that comes at a critical time for the automotive industry.

Changes are scary, but in that regard, Lexus has proven to be one step ahead. In this article we tell you how the brand’s journey has been since its founding in 1989, a beginning marked by the Lexus LS , until it became a benchmark in the world of hybrids. Toyota engineers met the challenge proposed by its president, Eiji Toyoda, and created a sedan of the highest level, which stood out for its ride comfort. The current challenges are very different and international in scope, starting with the climate emergency. Far from procrastinating its task as a manufacturer, the firm has developed an electrification strategy called Lexus Electrified .

Lexus challenged the European market with the launch of the RX 400h, a premium SUV and self-charging hybrid. It brought notable improvements in consumption by city but, above all, it proposed an unknown powertrain (at that time) for high-end models. The brand’s experience in the field of electrification is not new, it has years of research, testing and development of propellants. For this reason, its strategy is no longer satisfied with minimizing the environmental impact of its cars , it goes one step further. Its aim is to reach out to those drivers who do not want to give up on performance, driving feel and the pleasure of feeling in control of the vehicle.

It is an important challenge, which must coexist with the evolution to autonomous driving and which will be affected, fully, by a 100% electric propulsion. The first model framed in this new strategy is the Lexus UX 300e , the first zero-emission SUV of the Japanese firm . It was presented at the Guangzhou International Motor Show (China) and will be in charge of leading a range of products with Lexus essence: performance, high-end and environmentally responsible. The LF-30 Electrified prototype is the futuristic representation of this vision. We will tell you about it in this gallery.

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