AutoThe high performance of the Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1

The high performance of the Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1

The Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 clears all doubts about the competition performance of a hybrid SUV. And it is that, operating on similar principles to those of the road-going Ford Puma EcoBoost Hybrid, the sophisticated hybrid motor captures energy during braking and idling , storing it in a 3.9 kWh battery before using it to supplement winning performance. of the 1.6-litre turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine powered by a 100kW electric motor.

Thus, three of the five Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 that participated in the Rally de Portugal managed to finish in the points zone of the race, fourth in the World Championship, which was held last weekend in the north of the neighboring country. And it is not the first time, so a new era is opening in the world of rallying , confirming the great competitiveness of the new hybrid mechanics and the forceful way in which Ford has started it. But the victories and the great results are not only the product of the know-how of a driver, but also of a well conceived and designed car, the Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1, which has allowed the French driver to squeeze him in a rally in which all the cars were new, in accordance with the new hybrid regulations that have governed the WRC since this season. In addition to its race-level performance, the M-Sport Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 can also traverse towns, cities and service stations between stages using purely electric power. Using an external power supply, the battery pack can be charged at specific service points between stages.

It should be noted that its street version, the new Ford Puma EcoBoost Hybrid with seven-speed automatic gearbox, is available . The automatic transmission is a success for those drivers who spend hours on the streets of a city, an environment that usually wears out a clutch. With this type of change, the transitions are more refined and a retention stops being an ordeal for our left leg. With the introduction of this dual-clutch system, the EcoBoost Hybrid model further reduces CO2 emissions while lowering fuel consumption by featuring 48V Mild Hybrid technology.

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