SportF1The images to remember Fernando Alonso in Brazil

The images to remember Fernando Alonso in Brazil

No circuit brings back Fernando Alonso better memories than Interlagos. There, where this weekend the Brazilian Grand Prix is held, the Asturian was proclaimed world champion in both 2005 and 2006 with Renault leaving images to remember.

The first time Alonso raced with Renault at Interlagos was in 2003 . In his first race with the French team, the Spaniard got his first points in Formula 1; while in his second he achieved his first pole on Saturday and his first podium on Sunday when he finished in third position. In this position he also finished his third race, that mythical Brazilian Grand Prix in which Fernando Alonso suffered a spectacular accident on lap 55. Earlier, an even more spectacular by Mark Webber, had led to the red flag for which he gave up finished the race on lap 54. Alonso left the first of his images to remember at Interlagos. He left the circuit on a stretcher and raising his thumb before entering the ambulance. Since he was transferred to the hospital, the Spaniard was the great absentee on the podium.

The “take, take, take” by Alonso

Fernando Alonso could not get rid of that thorn in 2004, when he was fourth in the Brazilian Grand Prix . Yes he did, and in what way, the following season. Alonso arrived as leader of the World Cup in Interlagos but with doubts. The Asturian had four races without winning while Kimi Raikkonen , his rival for the title, had reaped three victories. Also his McLaren was much faster than the Renault. That is why both Juan Pablo Montoya, who was the winner of that Brazilian Grand Prix, and Raikkonen, overtook a Fernando Alonso who had started from pole in the race. Even so, the Spaniard was third, which helped him to get on the podium and to become the youngest champion in the history of Formula 1 with 24 years, one month and 27 days . Alonso celebrated this feat with his mythical “take, take, take” that Alpine wanted to remember when he announced his signing.

Alonso won a World Cup against Schumacher in Brazil

Fernando Alonso started the 2006 World Cup even better. He achieved no more and no less than six victories and three second places in the first nine races. Despite this, that season he was even closer to losing the championship. In the seven subsequent races, Michael Schumacher racked up five victories, helping him to overtake Alonso in qualifying. Although both had the same points, the German added one more victory.

Aware that Ferrari was faster than Renault , Fernando Alonso saw the World Cup in Japan vanish as soon as Schumacher took the lead in the race. However, fortune turned his side when the Kaiser suffered its first engine failure on lap 36 since the 2000 French Grand Prix . Alonso finished second that race.

Had he not been proclaimed champion at Interlagos in 2005, Fernando Alonso would have had two more races to win the title. However, the Spaniard faced the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix without a margin of error. Of course, after the abandonment of Michael Schumacher in the penultimate race, he only needed to add one point to revalidate the title. Finally Alonso was second, that is, he added 8, while Schumacher did not win, which would have also given him the title.

This is how Alonso remembers the 2006 World Cup

This is something that Fernando Alonso remembered last Thursday on his return to Brazil. “Obviously it brings back very good memories and it doesn’t seem like 15 years have passed . We had a solid package that year, but when the season began to enter its final stage the Ferraris were fast and consistent, “he commented at a press conference.

Michael had a retirement at Suzuka, which was the race just before Brazil and that meant that we only needed one point to win the Championship . He also had a grid penalty, so that made things easier. Even in this position you are aware of your final result and you have to make sure that you do everything right, ”recalled the 40-year-old .

“Despite the situation in the Championship, as a driver you always push hard. In the end we managed to do a good race to finish second and it was enough for the title . We didn’t want to risk anything! The feeling afterwards was impressive and it was special to see our entire team celebrating such a close battle for the Championship ”, concluded Alonso.

Alonso touched glory in Brazil in 2007 and 2012

The Spaniard was able to once again become world champion in Brazil in 2007. The internal struggle between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton at McLaren allowed the World Cup to come to Interlagos alive. On that occasion Kimi Raikkonen , who was the third in contention, took the victory and took the title with only one point of advantage over his two rivals.

After what happened at McLaren, Alonso returned to Renault in 2008, the year in which he was on the podium only twice. He won in Singapore, also in Japan and was second in the Brazilian Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso would not get on the podium again at Interlagos until his arrival at Ferrari in the 2010 season. He was third that year.

In 2012 it was the last time that Alonso could have been proclaimed world champion in Brazil. Although he managed to climb from seventh to second, Sebastian Vettel finished sixth at Interlagos, which saw Interlagos rise to the title by just three points ahead of the Spaniard.

The day he sunbathed in Interlagos

Fernando Alonso was third again in the 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix . Since then he has returned to leave images to remember in Interlagos. For example, the one sunbathing after having a breakdown during the qualifying session for the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix. That is, since 2013 Alonso has not been in the news at Interlagos due to his good results. Will he be able to end this losing streak this year with Alpine ?

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