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The least visited country in the world is in the Caribbean: they demand an annual salary of 60,000 euros

The coronavirus pandemic has changed tourism habits in many countries around the world. When many now have few restrictions to receive travelers, the island of Monserrat in the Caribbean is still reluctant to receive travelers and demands some of the most varied and curious conditions that we have seen in this pandemic.

To begin with, if you are a tourist who does not have an annual salary of $ 70,000 (approximately 60,000 euros), do not count on entering the island of Monserrat because they will not let you. According to The New York Times, in so far this pandemic, the Caribbean island, a territory belonging to Great Britain, has only received 21 privileged travelers from seven different families.

With these data we are talking about the country that receives the least tourism per year.

A lonely paradise in the Caribbean

This small Caribbean paradise is inhabited by only 5,000 people throughout the year. It is one of the most hidden bastions where the coronavirus has hardly made an appearance in the last year. An island the size of Manhattan where travelers who want to enter , in addition to presenting a high annual income, must stay on the island for at least two weeks.

These requirements will begin to be more flexible as of October 1. Those responsible for the Caribbean island, a volcanic island discovered by Columbus in 1493, have confirmed that they will be open to tourism from next month.

They will do it their way, imposing restrictions such as a five-day quarantine, with a negative PCR performed on the fourth day of stay on the island , and will let vaccinated tourists enter their island.

Likewise, it will no longer ask travelers for a minimum wage and, anyone who can travel to the island of Monserrat will be able to enter if they meet the health requirements.

A little visited destination

According to the report that the World Tourism Organization published in 2018, the island of Monserrat is the destination that we see visitors receive from the world, about 9,000 tourists . Despite being a place that can be a dream with black sand Caribbean beaches and natural places scattered around the island, the eruption of one of its volcanoes in 1995 caused many of its illustrious visitors (Stevie Wonder or Paul McCartney) to leave. to go to the island of Monserrat.

Now, the island hopes to return to normality, although during the pandemic they have been one of the few places where the coronavirus seems to have never existed.

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