FunThe Ministry of Consumption advises: This is the maximum...

The Ministry of Consumption advises: This is the maximum they can ask you for a deposit for a rental

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is focusing on rental flats and the practices that many landlords and real estate agents apply to new tenants once they decide on a home. For a few years now, the price of housing has been increasing and there are many who denounce some abusive clauses with respect to the price and the deposit that must be given when renting a home.

In a meeting held a few days ago by the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón and the Council of Consumers and Users (CCU ), which is made up of the main consumer associations in Spain, they came to the conclusion that many individuals and real estate companies are taking rental practices that do not comply with the law.

As reported by the Ministry of Consumption itself in a statement, these real estate agencies with which they have contacted have been communicated that they are imposing abusive clauses against the claimants of flats, and that they have to do with the rental price and the deposit at the time of entering to live in said floors.

Contacts with real estate and online agencies

As detailed by the ministry itself, in recent weeks, they have been able to meet and contact different real estate agencies and online rental agencies to discuss this issue. Garzón’s ministry confirmed that in terms of rental bonds, there are many real estate companies that ask for up to five months as guarantees and conditions, something totally contrary to the norm established for rents.

As stated in the Urban Leasing Law, citizens cannot receive demands that imply a greater amount than what is specified in the regulation, such as:

-One month deposit

-Two months additional warranty

-One monthly payment in advance

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, through this statement and its official social networks, has recalled that, everything that falls outside these norms, must be denounced by users, since both real estate and owners would be in breach of what is dealt with in the law.

For this, the minister himself has asked real estate and online agencies to carry out their intermediation work between landlord and tenant, in order to discipline the rental market in Spain in the best possible way.


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