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The most amazing valleys on the planet

Where there are great mountains, there are valleys, often accompanied by the aforementioned mountainous landscapes. Although many times they remain hidden by great mountains, the valleys usually hide many surprises that we could describe as fabulous, such as waterfalls, turquoise lakes, diversity of fauna and flora, geological wonders and picturesque places, to say the least.

Beauty surrounds us. Our planet is a place that exudes beauty everywhere. If you stop to look around you, you can see beauty in almost anything. There are some places in the world that we could call “the most beautiful” or “the most amazing”. They are the regions where you can sit and stare for hours. Reflect on the world, on you, on silence, life …

Here you will find a gallery of some places with impressive views spread across the planet. Some of the images come close to recreating just how wonderful these places are, but it is much better if you see it with your own eyes, so you should try to see them in person at some point in your life.

With their paradisiacal natural surroundings and sacred pilgrimage sites, many are destinations that inspire the soul: forested mountains, green valleys, spectacular gorges, pristine lakes and dizzying waterfalls, plains dotted with wild animals … we live in a great and spectacular world .

While identifying all the spectacular corners that Mother Nature has given us could take a lifetime, we believe this selection will serve to amaze and inspire you.

Here is a selection of our favorite valleys. Which one would you like to travel to first?



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