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The most attractive technological novelties of the summer


Xiaomi Mi A3

The last of the Chinese factory, with the Android One operating system, the purest of Android. The interesting thing is that it has a fingerprint on the screen, something that most mid-range and high-end manufacturers were already introducing.

It has three rear cameras, one of 48 megapixels, another of 12 megapixels (wide angle), and another of 2 megapixels. The front camera, in the shape of a drop, has 32 megapixels.

Facial recognition is 2D (security is not as high as other devices, whose type of facial recognition is 3D).

It has a price that varies between 249 and 279 euros.


Xiaomi Mi A9

Another of Xiaomi’s recently announced devices: the MiA9 has a nearly 6.4-inch screen. The fingerprint sensor works extremely fast. In addition, it has a pop-up front camera that can be deployed in 0.8 seconds (more or less like the rest of the market) and the manufacturer claims that this camera holds around 300,000 openings and closings; Like, if you fall, the camera closes in 120 milliseconds.

Like its companion, it also has facial recognition (2D), and three cameras, 48, 12 (wide angle) and 13 megapixels.

Its price is between 349 and 369 euros.


LG G8 Smart Green

This 6.2-inch screen device can be unlocked via fingerprint, facial recognition, and also, amazingly, via the palm of your hand! . In addition, it has an exclusive LG technology called ‘hand ID’. The Z camera (in 3D) is capable of capturing the veins in the palm of the hand in order to unlock the screen. However, the fingerprint will always be a safer way of unlocking.

With this ‘hand ID’ technology you can not only unlock the screen, but also lower the volume or take a screenshot. Attention: it takes practice. We will practice it on the beach!

How much also with three cameras (general, wide angle and depth sensor) of 13, 12 and 13 megapixels respectively. It adds an important innovation: with these three cameras we can take a triple ‘shot’: with a single shot you can take 3 photos, each from 3 different angles.

Its price is 699 euros.


Auriculares cocleares Aftershokz

Finally, we show you some different wireless headphones, since they do not go into the ear, like most, but transfer sound through the bones! The vibrations are carried directly to the inner ear.

Its price is 169 euros and they are submersible (but not more than one meter, and for a short time).

How do you hear the sound? It depends on your tastes. For us, the sound is perceived correctly, and the sensation is very different from any other that we have experienced.

What do you think? Goodbye, bionic companions!

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