FunThe most famous pets in film and television

The most famous pets in film and television

You probably have pets at home and you love dogs, cats and other pets, but would you dare to mention several famous pets from movies and television? Along the following lines we are going to review some of those animals that managed to get beyond the big screens.

They became true icons, and that many still remember even when they never saw those broadcasts that enshrined them globally live.

Discover the most famous pets in film and television


Considered “the most famous dog in the world”, we can say that Lassie was the star of countless books, series and movies around the world. In various cultures, it is often brought up when it is meant that a dog is very friendly.

However, few know that her real name was Pal , and that her trainer Rudd Weatherwax took her through a series of castings until she was finally accepted for her prowess in solving scenes impossible for other animals. If he even made about $ 4,000 a week!

The Lion of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Unlike Lassie, the lion of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer does not have a name or pseudonym through which we can recognize him, but whenever we are about to see a good film, it appears there, almost as the assurance that it is a good product. from MGM.

In reality, it was several lions over the years who carried out these actions, and they were always known within the firm by the name of “Leo”.


The dolphin Flipper is another classic practically on the level of Lassie, embodying the story written by Ricou Browning who, in fact, had been inspired by the story of the dog.

Its real name was Mitzi, and it was a bottlenose dolphin, or bottlenose dolphin.


More here in time, many remember the story of Babe, the brave little pig, brought to the screen by almost 50 Large White Yorkshire pigs, all similar to him.

La mona Chita

As his own stage name betrays him, China was the monkey that accompanied Tarzan in many of the films about this man raised in the jungle and, as we see that it happened very often, he was played by several similar specimens among them.

The funny thing is that Chita does not appear in the original Edgar Rice Burroughs novels, but was an add-on in the film adaptations that worked really well.

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