AutoThe new Honda HR-V, an exceptional hybrid

The new Honda HR-V, an exceptional hybrid

Honda welcomes another hybrid model to join the CR-V and Jazz. It is the new HR-V, a hybrid that offers great responsiveness and efficiency thanks to its e: HEV drivetrain with two electric motors. The latest generation of Honda’s popular compact SUV offers class-leading levels of space, comfort and functionality, as well as advanced safety and technology features, all in a sleek SUV coupe design.

The engineers of the firm of Japanese origin have taken into account the demands and needs of modern consumers. As a result of that observation, they have created an elegant coupe-style SUV whose interior is exceptionally spacious as well as versatile, clearly oriented to the user. Inside, the minimalist aesthetic has been achieved by extending the instrument panel horizontally, and thanks to the lines and uncluttered surfaces of the entire interior.

The latest in technology is well present in this model, which allows intuitive on-board connectivity, accessed from the touch screen or through voice. They don’t forget about advanced safety features and driving assistance either. All in pursuit of easy and safe driving.

E: HEV drivetrain provides an optimal combination of efficiency and performance

The e: HEV powertrain that mounts the new Honda HR-V consists of two electric motors that work in conjunction with a 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC gasoline engine, a lithium-ion battery and an innovative gear transmission. fixed coupled to a power control unit. For its incorporation in the HR-V, the power of the e: HEV system goes from the 109 hp of the Jazz to a total power of 96 kW (131 hp) and a torque of 253 Nm. This translates into a comfortable and fluid driving sensation, whether commuting in urban areas or hitting the highway at high speed.

The HR-V generates CO2 emissions from 122 g / km (WLTP), with a fuel consumption of 5.4 l / 100 km (WLTP) and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds .

Another distinctive feature of the e: HEV system is its three driving modes , which alternate seamlessly and seamlessly for the occupants, to obtain a
optimal performance both in the city and on the road. The intelligent electronic control unit automatically and constantly alternates between electric propulsion,
Hybrid propulsion and motor propulsion depending on the most efficient driving mode in each specific situation.

For a more EV-like experience, the HR-V driver will be able to select an option to recover energy when coasting or braking.

Basically, Honda’s highly efficient fixed gear system achieves a higher proportion of accumulated electric drive time when driving in the city compared to other hybrid vehicles.

Premium SUV styling meets Honda’s modern design philosophy

The new generation HR-V has an SUV coupe-style body and a modern, minimalist and elegant design, hallmarks of Honda. Its elegant silhouette has been achieved by increasing the ground clearance by 188mm (MRO) and reducing the ceiling height by 20mm compared to the previous model.

The fluid surfaces and futuristic lines of the new HR-V create a sense of energy and dynamism . Exterior features have been deliberately incorporated into the body shapes with the headlamps, exclusive body-colored grille and distinctive lower mesh grille seamlessly integrated into the front and front side panels, giving you Provides a sculpted look and creates an elegant, bold and defined expression.

The rear has been designed with the intention of combining functionality and aesthetics. The tailgate is simple and elegant, with a well-integrated handle. In terms of practicality,
The opening is wide and high and the entry point is low, to make loading packages as easy as possible. Easier if possible is the loading task thanks to the fact that the gate is electric and has a hands-free function with automatic absence closure .

In terms of trunk, the HR-V has a large capacity , especially considering the limitations posed by hybrid components. The boot floor is completely flat and can be enlarged thanks to the multi-configurable rear seats, the Honda Magic Seats. The result is that they can easily accommodate a wide variety of luggage, including surfboards or mountain bikes.

All the details are taken care of to the millimeter. For example, the boot closing line with the bumpers continues flawlessly down to the shoulder line for a classic, consistent look. These small design details ensure that minimalist surfaces are not clouded by undesirable or unnecessary shadows. This attention to detail is also evident in the fact that the license plate lights, the tailgate handle and the rear camera have been integrated into the three-dimensional rear panel.

Ingenious structuring for class-leading levels of interior comfort and functionality

Honda engineers have made the new HR-V offer its occupants the same space as larger models. To do this, they have placed the fuel tank in the central part of the chassis, under the front seats, a unique feature in its class. In addition, the HVAC unit is now much more compact, allowing a low horizontal interior design to be adopted for greater forward vision as well as a greater sense of spaciousness.

This greater forward vision adds to another series of improvements that only increase the feeling of comfort inside. Windows designed to capture as much light as possible, padded front seats, more head, shoulder and leg room, carefully arranged interior controls are some of these advances.

The feeling of space and spaciousness has been intensified with a new air diffusion system that creates a curtain of fresh air to the sides and above the passengers, circulating from its unique L-shaped air vents, located in the upper corners of the dashboard. The effect is like that of a natural breeze.

Designed for driving pleasure

The HR-V features interesting steering enhancements . Now corner entry is more direct compared to the previous generation HR-V, and the overall feel when maneuvering is much more linear and precise.

The suspension has also evolved for the better with a reduction in friction from the first steering interaction. The movement is now more linear and smooth.

The Agile Handling Assist (AHA) maneuverability system is another advanced technology that improves the dynamic stability of the car, especially when responding to rapid steering interactions or high turning loads, for example during emergency evasive maneuvers.

The brake has also undergone a change in that it has been relocated in a more ergonomic way, which reduces driver fatigue on long-distance journeys. Other
An improvement is the reduction of the distance between the accelerator and brake pedals, now 5 mm less, with a greater surface area on the pedals.

Electronic braking systems include Vehicle Stability and Control System (VSA), Brake Assist System (BAS), Hill Start Assist (HSA), and Automatic Brake Hold System ( ABH). Hill descent control, available for the first time on the HR-V in Europe, works from a minimum speed of just 3 km / h. This technology allows for superior and smoother control on low-grip surfaces and steep slopes.

Advanced on-board technology that allows occupants to stay connected in their day to day

The infotainment package of the new HR-V is more than attractive. The 9-inch Honda Connect touchscreen is very easy to use and designed to reduce
distractions In addition, the operating time of the most used controls has been reduced to less than half compared to the previous model, offering a safer and more ergonomic experience. To navigate the system interface, typical smartphone functions are used, with sliders to scroll through pages and lists. The display can be configured to suit all usage requirements, incorporating customizable shortcuts for frequently used functions and audio sources.

In addition to the integrated applications, you can also purchase the security and travel package and the digital key package . The former allows customers to remotely send planned routes to their satellite navigation system, as well as to store and share their travel history. Also locate the car easily by viewing its location in the My Honda + app. With regard to the digital key, the customer can lock and unlock the doors from his own smartphone, activate the ignition and operate the windows, in addition to receiving notifications about the vehicle remotely. Both packages are free for the first year.

The greatest diversity of connectivity services includes a virtual dashboard, remote locking and unlocking of the car, access to current vehicle data, revision sheet and subscription data , as well as reminders of upcoming revisions and an online booking service for maintenance appointments that will be available soon.

Complete suite of Honda SENSING safety technologies

The new HR-V is equipped with the Honda SENSING system that includes a range of class-leading safety and driver assistance technologies designed to make driving easier and safer. This comprehensive range of technologies includes the crash prevention and mitigation system, adaptive cruise control, slow-speed braking, lane departure warning and prevention, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, intelligent speed limiter and throttle control to mitigate front and rear collisions. All of this has been made possible by a new, wider high definition front camera that improves the field of view and the night driving function.

The new HR-V will be available in Spain in early 2022 in a wide variety of modern colors.

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