FunNature & AnimalThe oldest female elephants are the wisest

The oldest female elephants are the wisest

elefantes-cerebro That experience is a degree is known even by pachyderms. A study carried out in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya shows that the oldest female elephants are considered the wisest of their peers , and that their leadership is an advantage for the group.

According to the authors of the research in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B , groups of elephants led by an elderly female organize defensively very quickly as soon as they hear the sound of an approaching predator. In contrast, when the group is led by a younger female the rest of its members do not show as much concern for predators as they should.

In this regard, Karen McComb, a professor at the University of Sussex (United Kingdom) who led the study, says that "older elephants are able to distinguish between the roar of the male lion and that of lionesses, and the young ones have not had enough contact with this threat. "

According to McComb, the findings highlight "the importance of older individuals in natural populations, not only in elephants but also in other social species with a large brain, such as whales and primates, where knowledge accumulates over time. weather". Having older leaders can increase the chances of survival for the group , and the elephants know it, the researchers conclude.

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