AutoThe Originals Renault: the history of the rhombus

The Originals Renault: the history of the rhombus

The pandemic has changed our lives, also the way we know places, people and even interact with the firms that we love so much. 123 years ago Renault was born , a car manufacturer that adapts better than anyone to the challenges of society, even now. On the occasion of this celebration, the signature of the rhombus reinvents itself and launches, for the first time in its history, a virtual museum associated with an online store with the merchandising that every fan of the brand finds in the Atelier Renault on the Champs-Élysées. Both portals are available from anywhere in the world, translated into French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian for now.

The virtual experience has proven attractive and dynamic throughout these two years of various restrictions and confinements. With the launch of the new virtual museum, Renault opens its doors for the first time for motor enthusiasts from around the globe, without geographical distinction. The objective of this portal is for users to learn and connect with the past, and the future, of a firm marked by technological evolution and social challenges of all times . To do this, they are nourished by a fluid timeline and without a time limit, so that you can acquire all the knowledge you want of Renault’s French cultural heritage.

Limitless exploration

The Originals virtual museum is one of limitless exploration. It incorporates so many images, documents and technical files that few will be able to finish it. In addition, from a clear playful and simple approach so that learning is entertaining. In a world structured by faster and faster social networks, getting the user’s attention is difficult but not impossible if you have the experience of a company with 123 years of launches, commercial successes and innovation. “It was essential that Renault, an iconic pop culture brand, have a museum worthy of the name . With this virtual gallery, we allow our visitors to relive our history, which is also theirs,” says Arnaud Belloni, Global Marketing Director at Renault.

All this is reflected through the files and models that have been digitized thanks to the photogrammetry procedure, capable of giving digital life to something real. There are a total of 21 vehicles with a level of detail never seen before, offering an immersive sensation that will not leave you indifferent. Something in which Renault has worked from a study that has served as a set to scan cars in ideal lighting conditions. For the parts inaccessible to 3D technology, they have been modeled and assembled later.

Separate store

On the occasion of this virtual opening, Renault has launched an online store that strengthens the desire to interact in an affective way with its customers. Merchandising is the best way to connect with the owners of a product and, for this, you must have an interesting collection offer. ” With 400 products already available (miniatures, clothing, toys, accessories, decoration and unpublished collections), this new online commerce site represents a strategic support to energize the brand,” they tell us from Renault. Little by little this portfolio will be completed based on launches, recognitions, birthdays and seasons.

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