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The planet Vulcan from Star Trek exists

Vulcan exists. The planet Vulcan from the Star Trek saga, whose inhabitants use logic and reason as the main philosophy of life, is a reality and is only 16.5 light years from Earth , according to a new NASA study who has discovered the triple 40 Eridani star system, whose environment is set to that of the imaginary planet Vulcan from Star Trek, home of the well-known Dr. Spock.

According to astronomers, the habitable zone ( the distance from a star where liquid water is thought to exist) from the largest star, 40 Eridani A, would resemble the characteristics of Vulcan, that desert world from Star Trek, before it was destroyed. by Nero around 2260. If he were too far from his sun, Vulcan would freeze like Pluto; if it were too close it would burn like Mercury. Vulcan orbits over the inner rim, giving the world its characteristic desert quality.

Would there be a planet like Earth in this planetary system? “We still don’t have a way to detect it, but NASA is working on the technology to make it possible,” explains Karl Stapelfeldt, chief scientist for NASA’s planetary exploration program.

The most massive star is thus 40 Eridani A, a dwarf star that would represent
the sun of the mythical Vulcan . The other dwarf stars orbit each other at a distance of 40 Eridani A: the first is a red dwarf (40 Eridani C) and the other a white dwarf star (40 Eridani B).

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