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The Plug-In Hybrid Peugeot range has already arrived in Spain

At Peugeot , electrification is no longer a dream, it has become a reality. In fact, the Peugeot 508 Hybrid, the 508 SW Hybrid, the 3008 Hybrid4 and the 3008 Hybrid celebrate the beginning of their commercial career in the Spanish market, thus expanding the Plug-In Hybrid range of the French firm, which arrives with up to 300 hp and 59 kilometers of autonomy in electric mode. This new generation of plug-in hybrid models has been designed to combine maximum performance in both thermal and electrical conduction, with minimum consumption and emissions figures.

In fact, in real conditions of use, an average consumption saving of 40% is estimated. In addition, these models will make life easier for the driver, with a simple recharge in the standard socket in seven hours, a full recharge in less than two hours with the 7.4 kW charger option, real-time information on driving , remote management with the MyPeugeot application, and Free2Move services to make everyday life easier.

The 508 and 508 SW Hybrid, meanwhile, will serve the brand as part of its strategy to include an electrified version in each of its launches. In this way, Peugeot will reinforce its electric offensive with vehicles that ensure dynamic efficiency and a smooth ecological transition by offering a new Plug-In Hybrid engine. This new motorization manifests itself in a new form of driving pleasure. In fact, it becomes an experience that generates multiple sensations, with unmatched performance.

Hélène Bouteleau , Managing Director of Peugeot for Spain and Portugal, points out that “Peugeot’s commitment to electrification is coming true. From today, you can order the Peugeot 508 Hybrid, 508 SW Hybrid and 3008 Hybrid4 in our dealer network. ” “A range that brings quality, design and a high-voltage driving experience with a level of emissions and consumption figures among the lowest in its respective categories,” concludes Bouteleau.

Prices for these four plug-in hybrid models have already been announced. Thus, the 508 Hybrid will be available from 36,050 euros; the 508 SW Hybrid, from 37,250 euros; the 3008 Hybrid4, from 42,950 euros; and the 3008 Hybrid, from 35,200 euros.

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