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The president of Renault makes it clear: "Fernando Alonso is the leader for all" | Formula 1

If there is something that can complicate the future of Alpine, it is to forget that this is a transitional season, that 2022 has to be their great goal and that they signed Fernando Alonso with a view to the change of regulations that will take place that year. This is what Luca de Meo, President of the Renault Group, wanted to emphasize, who wanted to break a spear in favor of the Asturian. “Alonso is the one who takes the role of leader for all,” stressed Sky F1. “Obviously, he has brought all the experience he has, but also the demand. He is a person who, as everyone knows in Formula 1, is very demanding because he is a pure driver. In addition, it has brought ambition. Because I think he’s leading the whole team. I asked him at the beginning of the season to play the leading role for everyone in the team and I think he is doing really well, “added Luca de Meo. The president of the Renault Group also said:” I would be happy if we achieved some podium finishes. and something more compared to last year. But what makes me really happy is seeing a very solid team and seeing a progression. From behind, what people do not see, and that they may see next year, is that if we can prepare for the next season by finding some solutions, that will put us in a position to be really competitive ”Renault and Alonso have given each other a year. , Luca de Meo had commented: “What we expect in 2021 is a year of transition, mainly focused on brand recognition. A team that will appear regularly in the newspapers and on television “” Later in 2022 we hope to be on the podium regularly, with the potential to win a race, “he added. Regarding the arrival of Alpine, the president of the Renault Group declared :“I have been a Formula 1 fan since I was a child. I’m a car guy, not a business guy. I like sports. Alpine has a great racing tradition. The car is very nice, we have Alonso and we are going to give Alpine a sense of business. ”On that occasion, Luca de Meo again alluded to what they expect with the change in regulation:“ We want a championship with brands that fight and pilots with character until the last year. Fernando is a great pilot, sometimes the planets align, same color, we both go home. Alonso is very motivated. Maybe it could be good luck. The car has improved in performance. Next year we will not improve much, but we will improve in 2022. In this phase, having an expert like Fernando is very good for us on a technical and organizational level. ”The signing of Fernando Alonso by Renault About the signing of Fernando Alonso by Alpine , Luca de Meo assured: “We did not sign him just because he is a fabulous rider and his motivation will drive everyone. We also hired him because he is a perfect fit for us from a marketing perspective. The goal is to win the race on Sunday and sell more cars on Monday. ”“ Renault is Fernando’s home, but I want to use his experience to help us all grow. He has a different role than he did 15 years ago. He is the godfather of all. The only thing I ask of him is to help us become a leading team because it is about attitude and mentality and he has them ”, he added about the role he wanted him to have in the team. On the other hand, Luca de Meo wanted to leave Of course, the signing of Alonso was not just his bet: “To be transparent, it was not just my decision, but a proposal that began last summer with Abiteboul and Stroll.It seemed good to me because I thought that talent is something that cannot be lost and after Ricciardo’s departure we needed another top rider. The team itself recommended Fernando, because he knows us, he is his home, he knows everyone, we know him and he is the kind of person we need to grow as a team, to become a top team. Sometimes it’s a matter of attitude and mentality, and he has it. ”Fernando Alonso’s faith in Renault Also recently, Fernando Alonso has broken a bond in favor of Alpine:“ I think the team is renewed, motivated and has the potential to be a champion team in the future. I’m sure of that. I do not know if it will take two, five or seven years, but we are in a good project and I am enjoying it. “For his part, regarding the change in regulation planned for 2022, he added:” The car that is born well, leads the decade of that regulation. We saw it with Red Bull and with Mercedes. If you’re in those cars, you win four or five titles. In the past you won one and the next one was a flip ”.

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