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Fernando Alonso records his most monstrous car for his museum

Fernando Alonso has added a new collection piece to his museum in Asturias. The two-time champion of Formula 1 and the 24 hours of Le Mans incorporated the Toyota Hilux with which he competed in the Dakar rally at the dawn of 2020 and where he was on the verge of winning several stages of the toughest raid in the world.

The Alpine driver, who will seek his third Formula 1 World Championship this season, has brought the car with which he traveled the desert with Marc Coma in one of the most extreme adventures he has embarked on. It must be remembered that the Fernando Alonso Museum, located in La Morgal, in the Asturian municipality of Llanera, is in the process of expanding its exhibition space in order to house the new additions.

Currently, Fernando Alonso has 300 pieces of his career on display there, among which , of course, the different cars he has driven stand out. From the majesty of the Hilux, through the complexity of the car with which he won the Endurance World Championship to the smallness of the single-seater with which he competed in the Indianapolis 500. The Asturian has been acquiring all the vehicles to the delight of his fans.

Fernando Alonso has a special section for the year 2005, when he won his first World Cup. The Spaniard acquired all kinds of objects from that season as a personal souvenir. Not only is the car, but a host of marketing objects , caps and even wheels from an unforgettable season for the Spanish motor.

Finally, among the objects that can be found in the Fernando Alonso Museum, you can enjoy the 38 helmets of Formula 1 drivers that the Spaniard has been collecting through the exchange with each one of them, as well as those of drivers from other specialties, to which it joins those belonging to some motorcyclists.

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