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Alpine boss misses part of Fernando Alonso's 'The Plan' to become champion again

Fernando Alonso ‘s plan is to win titles. This has been revealed by Laurent Rossi , CEO, executive director of Alpine and also head of the Alpine F1 Team, who assures that the objective of the team is none other than to try to win titles before 2025, since in 2026 the regulations will change again and New single-seaters will enter.

“We want to win races and then win a championship by the end of 2024 or 2025, before these rules are renewed,” said Rossi , who was very optimistic since “everyone starts from scratch and works from the same base. . The performance of the grid is restarted and I think we have all the necessary tools to achieve it.

It is true that this is the objective that all teams have, but for Rossi, Alpine starts with a certain advantage over other teams by building its own engine: «It is one of the reasons why we believe we can achieve it. We are a factory team! Unlike other midfield teams, we have this factor in our favour, and although the engine is not the only determining factor, it is an important one, along with its integration into the chassis and aerodynamics.”

This fact means that they can design the engine according to the car and not the other way around. That is one of the keys. The other is that now everyone has the same budget. «It is no longer like when we put 200 million euros and others, 500 million euros. Now we are all over 200 million euros , figure up figure down, so it is easier for us to beat ourselves.

In this sense, Rossi believes that Renault’s artificial intelligence will help them in the development of the single-seater, “because F1 is evolving more and more towards the suppression of tests and their replacement by simulations, data analysis, etc. And the Renault Group has 20 years of experience in this field. The scientists in the group can help us and in this way we can recover from eventual delays more quickly and even overcome the adversaries».

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