AutoThe PSA factory in Vigo celebrates 60 years full...

The PSA factory in Vigo celebrates 60 years full of past and future. – 1958, the starting point


Sixty years have passed since the PSA group’s factory in Pontevedra, specifically in Vigo. A factory that surely had no idea how it would manage to position itself in the history of the automobile and, more importantly, in the history of our lives.

To speak of the Vigo factory today is to speak of one of the most important factories of the PSA group in the world. But in order to talk about its present and know that it is neither causal nor accidental, we must look to the past. Then I will try to detail the present and the future of this factory , now however I would like to travel back in time to understand how vehicles that were born with the sole purpose of being useful ended up becoming essential chapters in the history of the automobile and in our past more recent.

In 1958 the European Community was founded, the first Carrefour store was born, the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium was inaugurated, NASA began to operate and the “Citroën” factory was born.

And that these events have to do with each other, well, nothing. Nothing if we do not appreciate that almost certainly for one reason or another have been present in our lives and no one today has plans to end their activity. And in that year they began to manufacture vehicles that had to circulate on roads in a country that black and white was not only the color of asphalt and alternative roads were almost impossible.

If it is undeniable what Citroën models have penetrated and changed the way of understanding the work of the self-employed and understanding free time with cars such as the two horses, we cannot forget the commercial achievements and the consolidation as a factory with intercontinental views once the brand was incorporated Peugeot.

The combination of different products on the same assembly line was undoubtedly confirmation that a factory that was born under the austerity of the time and the technological simplicity of those times was and has been able to fight for the flag of avant-garde without losing its which for me is the main asset of this company, what it means and has repercussions with and for the Galicians.

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