AutoThe Renault Morphoz recognized for its innovative concept

The Renault Morphoz recognized for its innovative concept

The Renault Morphoz was presented in 2020 as a prototype that showed, not only the future design lines of the firm, but also its idea of autonomous and electric driving beyond 2025. The CMF-EV platform on which it was developed is the same that are using the production models launched lately, such as the Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric. In addition to its futuristic design, this concept car featured a curious innovation: induction charging. But not only that, its body lengthens and shortens from 4.40 meters long in its City function to 4.80 meters in the Travel variant. This vision of the mobility of the rhombus’ signature is not only interesting on a mechanical level, but also aesthetically. So much so that it has won the Award Creativ’Experience , which is awarded to the most innovative concept during the International Automobile Festival.

This meeting, which has just celebrated its 36th edition, consists of the participation of an expert and passionate jury from the world of automotive, fashion, design, culture, architecture and also journalism. Its function is to assess the most innovative, interesting and risky aesthetic project of the year . On this occasion, the Renault Morphoz has been considered the most creative concept car and Laurens van den Acker, Design Director of the Renault Group, has received the trophy at an evening of delivery of the Grand Prix on Wednesday 29 September.

Two cars in one

The Renault Morphoz is, of course, electric and in its City variant it consists of a 40 kWh battery capacity and a 134 hp engine. In the longest and most comfortable configuration, the Travel, incorporates a 50 kWh battery in the lower part of the floor. This joins the previous 40 kWh to add 90 kWh of total capacity, granting an autonomy of 700 kilometers on the highway to an engine of up to 215 HP .

Changes between one length and the other are made at the loading stations, and the vehicle can be modified according to needs. What’s more, while the vehicle does not require battery power, you can plug in other devices to the car to charge, for example, a phone or computer as it has V2G technology such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Kia EV6.

Renault autonomous driving

Although the limits of autonomous driving in Europe are set by legislation, manufacturers have already started with the most advanced levels. The Renault Morphoz , for example, is equipped with level 3 that allows the car to take control in certain circumstances.

Another curiosity in the interior is that the passenger seat can rotate like a camper’s would, creating a lounge-type space with individual armchairs in the cabin . The design of the dashboard will vary depending on the buyer, since they can choose a model devoid of screens (except the central one) or the opposite: a futuristic interior and with up to four blocks of screens located one next to the other.

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