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The robotics that comes, with 5G and AI, for companies

Qualcomm Technologies announced this week its new Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform, designed specifically for robotics. Comprised of a broad set of hardware , software and development tools, this platform is the first of its kind to bring together the company’s deep expertise in 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable developers and manufacturers to create the next generation. of robots and drones with high computing and low energy consumption for the consumer, business, defense, industrial and professional services sectors.

The platform’s Qualcomm QRB5165 processor, customized for robotics applications, offers a powerful heterogeneous computing architecture along with the fifth-generation Qualcomm AI engine, delivering 15 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS) of performance to run complex workloads. of artificial intelligence and deep learning. The processor also offers machine learning (ML) inference under restricted power performances and using the new Qualcomm Hexagon accelerator, a powerful image signal chip (ISP) with support for seven concurrent cameras and a dedicated vision computer for analysis of images. enhanced video (EVA). With support for 4G and 5G connectivity speeds through an add-on module, the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform helps pave the way for the proliferation of 5G in robotics and smart systems.

To enable the next generation of robotics designs and solutions, Qualcomm Technologies has entered into a strategic collaboration with TDK, with the goal of further enhancing the capabilities of the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform. TDK has added its latest next-generation sensor technologies for enhanced robotic applications as part of the new platform, critical to providing world-class sensor solutions and motor control hardware.

The Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Development Kit is comprehensive, customizable, and easy to use for developers, as it has flexible software capabilities, offering support for Linux, Ubuntu, and Robot Operating System (ROS) 2.0, as well as pre-built drivers for multiple cameras, sensors and 5G connectivity. It also provides support for OpenCL, OpenGLES, and OpenCV.

Depth chamber

Additionally, the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Development Kit includes support for the Intel RealSense D435i Depth Camera and Panasonic TOF Camera, to provide leading depth sensing capabilities. Additional TDK technologies include Hall effect and temperature sensors and validated and verified software algorithms dedicated to robotic applications. Finally, the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 development kit uses the 96Boards Consumer Edition specification, which helps provide versatility to create innovative proofs of concepts and rapid prototypes.

Another relevant feature included in the new Qualcomm robotic platform is the advanced imaging capability, thanks to the Qualcomm Spectra 480 Image Signal Processor (ISP), which captures fast, professional-quality photos and videos, and can process 2 Gigapixels per second. . This Gigapixel speed supports superior camera features including Dolby Vision video capture, 8K video recording (at 30 FPS) and 200 megapixel photos, and simultaneously captures 4K HDR video (at 120 FPS) and 64 MP photos with zero shutter lag. The hardware accelerator uses the Video Analytics (EVA) engine to handle all Computer Vision (CV) tasks. Additional ISP features include HEIF photo capture, slow motion video capture, and advanced video capture formats (including Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10 +, HEVC, and HLG). Seven concurrent cameras facilitate simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM), object detection and classification, autonomous navigation and route planning to efficiently and safely perform tasks in complex indoor and outdoor environments.


Finally, also remarkable in the new platform is the security support. The Qualcomm Secure Processing Unit is designed to offer robust security without compromising power. It includes Secure Boot, Cryptographic Accelerators, Qualcomm Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), and Camera Security, and is FIPS 140-2 certified. Additional security features include key provisioning security, malware protection, Qualcomm Content Protection, Qualcomm Mobile Security, Qualcomm Processor Security, and secure token to support remote certification and secure device provisioning. For advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning security, the platform supports biometric authentication, including fingerprint, iris, voice, and face.

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