EconomyFinancialThe Saga of Adela Micha returns

The Saga of Adela Micha returns

Adela Micha presented Saga 2.0 on Tuesday, a new option in which the public will have access to quality entertainment and journalism through YouTube and Facebook.

With this project, the journalist hopes to reach 156 million users, with 38 million visits.

“Saga has the DNA of Adela Micha: inclusion, plurality; information clearly and honestly. Listen and present to the public all the voices, the most possible of an event, of an event; positions, opinions, debate”, assured the journalist at a press conference.

He explained that Saga will have two aspects: quality entertainment and journalism, "this world where I come from", he added while advancing that, beyond telling an event, there will be more in-depth content "more editorialized", always offering the public the topics that interest you.

During the conference Micha said that "YouTube has become the new Channel 2. The dream would be to grow and generate more content and never stop generating more entertainment content."

Among the programs that Saga will offer is Chairistegui , a program in which “everything and nothing is talked about. We talk about the present, also about the past, ”said the driver. The show will air on Mondays at 8:00 p.m.

Jorge "El Burro" Van Rankin will be the host of Saga Fut , the Saga's sports space. "This year comes with doto what it means to talk about sport, especially soccer because the Qatar 2022 World Cup is coming," said the driver.

Adela Micha's project has a space dedicated to the LGBT+ community, called Las Perdidas ..

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