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The search is ongoing: the police are looking for fugitive drug traffickers

The police and public prosecutor in Hanau are looking for a dangerous 27-year-old who has fled a closed specialist clinic.

Hanau / Maintal – In Hanau and the surrounding area, the police and the public prosecutor’s office are currently searching. The wanted Jascha Willeführ managed to escape from a closed specialist clinic in Bad Emstal (Northern Hesse) on April 27th together with the 24-year-old Joseph W. The 24-year-old W. has already been caught again, but Willeführ remains on the run.

Willeführ is originally from Hanau and was sentenced to several years imprisonment for drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons. The already captured W. was also sentenced to several years imprisonment for drug trafficking and for bodily harm. Both had been in rehab since the beginning of this year.

Manhunt in Hanau: Police manage to arrest a fugitive

The whereabouts of the fugitive W. could already be determined last Wednesday (May 5th, 2021) as part of the extensive search measures by the responsible police investigation commissioner. A first attempt at arrest failed when W. drove a car to two police officers *.

On Friday, the 24-year-old W. was finally arrested by a special task force in an apartment in Maintal. The responsible investigating judge of the Hanau District Court * issued a remand arrest warrant requested by the Hanau Public Prosecutor for double attempted manslaughter.

Hanau police are still looking for a 27-year-old refugee

The 27-year-old Jascha Willeführ, on the other hand, is still on the run and the public prosecutor’s office is now publicly looking for him. The police in Hanau describe the man as 1.70 meters tall and slim. He has short dark hair and wore a black jacket and gray sweatpants when he escaped.

The investigators have no evidence that the wanted person poses an acute danger, but the police in Hanau advise against approaching or speaking to the wanted person. Anyone who can provide information about the man or his current whereabouts is asked to call the police emergency number 110 immediately or to contact the police station in Hanau on 06181 100-123. (Tobias Möllers) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA .

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