AutoThe Seat Tarraco teaches you to overcome a dune

The Seat Tarraco teaches you to overcome a dune

If you have ever considered traveling to the desert to experience the adventure of driving on sand , you will already know how difficult it is to control a vehicle in a place like this. And it is that, apart from the sand, in the desert you can find very varied circumstances and surfaces that require the driver to know how to cope, and that will force you to be able to overcome rocky areas, dusty tracks, water currents and, above all. everything, dunes. In these cases, the experience is a degree, so the more practice you have, the more skill you will demonstrate. However, there is always a first time and, if this is the case, we recommend that you know the possibilities of your vehicle, in addition to your own as a driver, and try to understand how the engine works on sandy areas.

The first thing you should know is that, when in doubt, it will always be preferable that you ride slowly and in a relaxed manner rather than quickly, this being the best way to prevent breakdowns and / or accidents. In addition, other aspects must be taken into account such as having the right tools to avoid losing your way or having a sufficient supply of both fuel and water.

Once fully involved in driving, it is important to bear in mind that the engine must be run higher than when driving on asphalt . If we see that the car begins to stop and slow down, we will have to reduce quickly and then raise them again. In case we realize that the car has stopped moving forward, we will let the vehicle stop by itself, without braking in any case, since the only thing we will achieve is that the wheels continue to sink. When approaching a dune, it is advisable to discover what is behind it before anything else. Then, we will advance towards the dune at a speed high enough not to get stuck in it, but with care not to suffer any mishap.

On this occasion, the Seat Tarraco has decided to put all these tips into practice and face a dune of more than 100 meters in the desert of Merzouga (Morocco), with a 60 degree incline and tons of fine sand under the wheels. Stefan Ilijevic, head of Predevelopment, Patents and Innovation at the Spanish firm, helps us understand the keys to this success.

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