AutoThe SUVs with the most trunk

The SUVs with the most trunk

I still remember when the families were proud, probably all the members, to choose their next minivan. That segment became a cliché of the success of that nucleus, since they did not usually have a very accessible price in the vast majority of cases. However, almost two decades ago the first premium SUVs appeared . The ski slopes began to fill with cars that looked like SUVs but were not really. There are many theories about which launch popularized this segment, but we venture to talk about the Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage, Seat Arona, Mazda CX-5… The options are endless right now. This style of vehicle is the one that has managed to maintain an almost constant growth in the number of sales, so we propose a list of the SUVs with the best trunk on the market .

It is clear that if your preferences involve a minivan-style trunk, you should opt for other types of models. There are larger SUVs, such as D-SUVs , that include the option of a third row of seats to accommodate seven passengers. In case you do not use that last row, you will have access to considerable cargo spaces without being as recommendable as true minivans. Of course, its design and dynamic behavior are up to that sacrifice. We are talking about options such as the Seat Tarraco, Peugeot 5008, Kia Sorento or Renault Koleos, among others.

You are a user of the B-SUV if, on the other hand, your space needs are not so relevant but you do want to opt for the off-road aesthetic. The commercial success of this segment is unstoppable, just as the utility vehicles were at the time with the reign of the Ibiza or its (older) brother the Seat León. The firm from Martorell continues to be the leader in number of sales in 2021 but it does so with the Seat Arona as the maximum exponent . That’s right, for the first time an urban SUV is the most registered model in Spain but not the only one. We found other interesting rivals like the C3 Aircross, DS 3 Crossback, Ford Puma, Dacia Duster, Hyundai Kona and a list that could be almost endless. We tell you more in a gallery of compact models between 4.30 and 4.60 meters long .

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