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The tender video of twins holding hands while being breastfed in tandem

There is no doubt that there is a very special connection between babies who are twins or twins , since they establish a bond like no other from an early age when sharing the womb.

Because of that beautiful union, and because the babies are incredibly tender, we have been delighted and moved by the beautiful video of a pair of twins holding hands while they are breastfed in tandem .

Becky Bernstein is the mother of four children, including a pair of baby twins: Avery and Cora . On her Instagram account @the bernstein brood she shares her day-to-day life with her four little ones, where we have also been able to see how they have adapted to life with a pair of twins in the family.

One of the things that Becky has talked about the most is breastfeeding her two babies, which is known as tandem breastfeeding, as she has always chosen to breastfeed both babies at the same time since it is more practical for her routine and rhythm of life.

Recently, she shared a video in which she continues to explain her adventure when breastfeeding in tandem, but whose images have stolen our hearts, because in it you can see the two little girls holding hands while being fed by their mother:

(Tandem nursing post 33)
How long did it take me to be able to feed them by myself (without my husbands help) The triple feeding I mentioned before made this really tricky bc I would nurse then one would fall asleep so I would hand that baby to my husband to try and wake her up, then I had to get my pump set up and bottle feed them so it definitely needed extra hands. Just tandem feeding them – I got the hang after a few feeds – you just really have to set up everything beforehand to do it solo. .
Am I able to tandem nurse when Im out Well now that we are quarantined I dont have this issue . But before that, yes I was. However, I would have to bring the nursing pillow (@mybrestfriend ) with me because its near impossible for me to tandem without it and I dont like nursing the babies separately because its too time consuming. .
What is your tandem nursing routine, latching, positioning, switching sides I always use football holds. I get both babies (unlatched) on the pillow first. In the beginning I would latch the harder to latch baby (Avery) first bc you really need both hands. Then the other baby. Now I can latch them at the same time. I dont switch sides during a feed but I DO switch sides every feed bc I have one side that produces more. .
Tandem nursing definitely seems daunting in the beginning but its a huge time saver once you get it down I hope this answered some questions and feel free to ask anything if I didnt answer it here. Hope this helps

Like us, the precious moment between the two babies has stolen the hearts of many people , who have filled Becky’s Instagram post with cute comments for the pair of cute twins.

Undoubtedly this is a sample of the precious connection and complicity that exists between twins , because as we have seen in many other cases, they always look for each other since they are very little, either to “talk”, hold hands. , or simply, feeling that your other partner is close.

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