AutoThe Toyota C-HR and RAV4 are synonymous with success

The Toyota C-HR and RAV4 are synonymous with success

In Europe, Toyota is known for its reliability, efficiency and customer service . There are three of its fundamental pillars, which it combines with great skill with another of notable relevance: the off-road essence. These elements came together perfectly the moment SUVs came into our lives, first as a passing fad, then as a notable trend and finally as the most desired, sold and successful segment of the European market. From the Japanese headquarters they were able to see the Filón of the SUV but from their own prism: sustainability. This is how a model launched in 1994, the first Toyota RAV4 , has evolved into an electric hybrid version in 2016. In the old continent, more than 400,000 units of this latest update have been registered, of which 11% they have ended up in Spain.

Our country has welcomed Toyota’s hybrid technology, in all its types. From the Corolla to the C-SUV that arrived in 2016 to revolutionize that segment with its electrified alternative. We are talking about the Toyota C-HR Electric Hybrid, a model that has more than half a million units sold in Europe. In that case, Spain takes 12.2% of the cake , a remarkable but logical fact considering our love for this type of SUV. In less than 5 years, more than 800,000 C-HR Electric Hybrid circulates around the world, with the old continent being the most affable with its daring design, indomitable character and urban qualities .

Both models show a history of success and innovation at Toyota, a firm that has never been satisfied with taking the marked path. With more than 17 million electrified cars around the world, Toyota and Lexus (its premium firm) can sport the title of world leaders. They have earned this position after 20 years of developing a roadmap towards a zero emissions society, in which other technology such as the hydrogen fuel cell will also be essential. The efforts have paid off, being one of the few firms that exceeds the emission limit established by European legislation. An example of this is the Yaris Hybrid with 6 mg / km of NOx, which is 90% less than expected (60 mg / km).

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