FunThe trick to wash the duvet with used paddle...

The trick to wash the duvet with used paddle balls

September is coming and we are already beginning to think about the coming months for the autumn and winter season . With this, we must have all the sheets prepared, as well as the inseparable quilt that comes so well when the cold comes to our country.

The quilt is a delicate garment that cannot be washed in any way, so we must keep in mind several guidelines so that we end up with the feathers out of the quilt and having to resort to buying a new one because the washing has not been adequate.

Although there is always the possibility of washing our bedding in specialized laundries, at home we can also do it by following some simple guidelines so as not to end up with the duvet in the trash.

Follow labeling

The first thing we must do is read the labeling of the garment well. Most of the time and with most clothes, it is rare for someone to read the washing instructions unless it is a delicate garment. The quilt is one of them, so we must pay attention to what the label puts for a good wash.

Without fabric softener

Fabric softener doesn’t do everything. Neither does bleach. These two products, more than helping a good wash, will help our bedding to deteriorate. There are many quilts that can be dry cleaned, and others, it is best to use liquid detergent for delicates.

The trick of the padel or tennis balls

It seems silly but it is not. We just have to find three or four paddle or tennis balls and put them in a sock so that the duvet does not get dirty. This will make the balls, while the washing process is taking place, hit the feathers and spread them over the garment, so they will be perfectly once we remove it from the washing machine.

The feathers will be distributed throughout and will not get caked inside.


Washing is as important as drying in a garment as delicate as this one. You have to stretch the quilt to the maximum, in a horizontal position and move it several times a day so that it dries evenly.

In addition, the advice is not to put it directly in the sun as stains could appear that are later difficult or impossible to remove.

Wash in summer

How many times do you have to wash the duvets? Once a year is enough and plenty, and it is best to do it in summer, at least when we know that it is hot enough for several days to dry quickly and well.

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