NewsThe weather in Germany calms down - but only...

The weather in Germany calms down – but only for a short time

There have been violent storms in Germany in the past few days. In the next few days the weather should improve, it will probably only be a short break.

Offenbach – lightning, thunder and heavy rain mostly take a short break in Germany – but before that there was again massive rainfall and flooded cellars, especially in the north.

Itzehoe experienced a century of rain in Schleswig-Holstein. According to measurements by the German Weather Service (DWD), 111.1 liters of rain per square meter fell from Wednesday to Thursday morning.

This corresponds to extremely heavy rain, which, on a statistical average, occurs less than once every 100 years at this location. Heavy downpours caused damage in several places in Schleswig-Holstein until Thursday morning, and the fire brigades were deployed in hundreds. The Segeberg and Steinburg districts were severely affected. A tree fell on a car in the Pinneberg district and a passerby was injured.

The low pressure area “Xero” also brought torrential rainfall to parts of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with amounts that normally fall over the whole month. The west and the extreme southeast of the state were particularly affected, where the fire brigades had to move out several times to pump out the cellars. Heavy rain also fell in the north of Brandenburg.

Brief reassurance

At the weekend the situation should calm down – but only for a short time. On Friday it will be changeable in the east, but there will only be brief thunderstorms, as the DWD in Offenbach predicted. The sun shines even longer, especially in the south and southwest. The maximum values are between 20 and 26 degrees.

According to the forecast, Saturday begins in a similar way – before thunderstorms begin again in the vicinity of the Alps and in the west, which can be locally severe. Heavy rain is also possible again. “These thunderstorms cover almost the entire western half on Sunday night,” said the DWD.

During the day and on Monday, the storms gradually shift to the east and northeast. Particularly heavy rainfall, which can last for several hours, became apparent in the south and south-east. The temperatures rise slightly to 25 to 29 degrees in the east, otherwise they are between 22 and 26 degrees.

The storms of the past few days have ruined the harvest of many farmers in Baden-Württemberg. According to the state farmers’ association, farmers in the Esslingen, Reutlingen, Tübingen and Zollernalb districts have to write off up to 100 percent on maize, grain and potatoes. dpa

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