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There are no best or worst stages of parenting – enjoy each one

If you have children, surely you have heard phrases or references about certain ages, such as the famous “terrible twos” (which are not so terrible) or the complicated transition to adolescence. In my early years as a mother, for example, someone said to me “Ugh, wait until I grow up and be older”, as a warning and hinting that things would get more difficult .

But after a few years of experience and having “survived” some of the challenges that life with children has in the early years, I think I can say that there really are no better or worse stages of parenting , and every one can be enjoyed in its own way.

It’s true, not everything is perfect …

I remember those days when I was a new mother, full of doubts, fears and above all, many insecurities. I was very afraid that I did not measure up or have the skills to be a good mother, or at least the mother that my daughter deserved to have.

I read pregnancy and maternity books to myself, in order to be as well prepared as possible, but despite this many things took me by surprise. Especially all those things that no one told me about being a mother.

The first months with a newborn were exhausting thanks to those eternal mornings in which I slept practically nothing. Trying to figure out what my daughter had, who at that time only communicated through crying, was sometimes distressing.

The baby stage has passed and we are moving into two years. The tantrums and rebellion of that age arrived , in which they begin to test their independence outside of the arms of their mother. Of course, the mischief also increased, for for her everything was worth experiencing and trying.

As time went by, we started preschool and with it came different challenges (and of course, new school responsibilities). The same thing happened when I went to elementary school, while my daughter was getting older every day.

… but each stage has its wonders

After remembering all this and writing about it, I thought ” thank goodness the postpartum and those years of so much confusion and doubts are behind me “, but immediately another feeling invaded me: nostalgia. Because although there were difficult things, the truth is that there are many more beautiful things .

Like when my daughter was a baby, so small that she could fit in my arms and I carried her with me everywhere. When watching her sleep it was a wonderful spectacle, where I felt that my heart would overflow with so much love and tenderness .

Or when those first times began to happen: her first word … her first steps … the first time I heard her laugh with joy at something she found funny. All of them very special moments that have remained etched in my heart.

And what about the mischief! That although they could be disastrous at times, they were only his first attempts to put his abilities to the test. Seeing her face of amazement and happiness when achieving something new , filled me with pride.

In summary

Although each stage of the life of our children can have its challenges or difficult parts, each of them is also full of wonderful moments, both for them and for us.

Personally, nostalgia is something that frequently invades me. But I must say, I really enjoyed those early years and even though I was in a rush at times to grow up, I did my best to stay focused on the present and just live it.

So as a slightly experienced mother (because we are always in the learning process), I can say that there are no better or worse stages of parenting . And the best we can do is enjoy each one of them, because they will only be small once.

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