FunThese are the social networks that teenagers hate the...

These are the social networks that teenagers hate the most

A new survey carried out by the financial company Piper Sandler and published this week has led to an interesting discovery: not all social networks are liked by teenagers and in particular there are two that they do not even consider and that they hardly value.

These are the social networks that teenagers hate the most: «They are for old people»

As revealed by Piper Sandler’s report, called “Taking Stock With Teens”, teens hate Facebook and Twitter for being considered “social networks for old people” . To produce their report, the researchers interviewed 10,000 American teenagers. In one of the questions, adolescents were asked what their favorite platforms were and there were no big surprises in this regard: 35% chose Snapchat, followed by TikTok (30%) and after Instagram, which finished in third place with 22 % of the votes of the adolescents.

Far from those numbers are Facebook and Twitter, with a percentage of 2%, and the reason why they do not like these social networks is that in both cases, adolescents consider that they have nothing to do with their age.

The reasons for teenagers to “jump” from these social networks

Twitter has never really attracted young people much, also because of the publication system and the operation of the platform from which, however, memes have also emerged that have gone viral on other social networks. A different discourse is the one around Facebook, which has begun to lose users since Stories (a function taken from Snapchat) landed on Instagram and made this social network grow much more as a result of the direct ones as well, leaving back the messages, stories and direct that can also be done with Facebook.

In addition, adolescents see Facebook as a platform in which people like their parents and relatives do interact. In fact, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg was born in a way so that people could be in contact at a distance but also to look for those “old” friends from the past or distant relatives, something that in the case of adolescents is not (for the moment) necessary.

Regarding Twitter, it did attract adolescents in its beginnings since it was a social network in which their parents did not even enter, but in recent years the political debate has shifted to said social network so that somehow, It has become the social network where the political scene is usually the protagonist, letting the conversation move more among adults than among adolescents. This does not mean that there are no young people on Twitter, but the truth is that they prefer to interact in the other networks mentioned.

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