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They create the first public storm simulator in the world (do you want to experience a hurricane?)

Under the premise of wanting to educate about extreme weather events as a result of climate change, two storm simulators have been opened to the public at the Universe Science Park located on the island of Als, southeast of Jutland, Denmark.

Have you ever experienced a hurricane?

The weather is going to get more and more extreme , and to help raise awareness, the world’s first public storm simulator has been opened in Nordborg, Denmark.

The storm simulator is made up of two devices that allow participants to experience a hurricane up to category II, which has winds of more than 160 km/h.

The park’s goal is to make science fun and , in doing so, inspire visitors to become explorers and problem solvers.

The World Meteorological Association has revealed on more than one occasion that the world is experiencing rising global temperatures and destructive climate-driven floods, droughts and heat waves. They will become stronger with the unstoppable advance of global warming.

The Beat the Storm activity aims to raise awareness of climate-driven extreme weather by providing a first-hand experience of the high winds of such a storm. It is suitable for almost all audiences, from 5 to 80 years old and its participants will have to cross increasingly strong winds as they make their way through a wind tunnel to press a button at the other end and manage to calm the gale while they contemplate cities, mountains, forests or deserts.

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