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This close up of an ant's face is perfect for Halloween

This close-up image, a photomicrograph of an ant's face, was one of 57 images selected with distinction in Nikon's Small World Photomicrography Contest.

A terrifying spider?

While this close-up of an ant's face might make us a little terrified, it's not an image altered to cause terror on Halloween. This is what an ant's face looks like up close.

Lithuanian photographer Eugenijus Kavaliauskas , photographed the ant at five times magnification under a microscope, revealing its red eyes and gloomy face in exceptional detail.

"Each year, Nikon Small World receives a variety of microscope images that exhibit exemplary scientific technique and artistry," said Eric Flem, Communications and CRM Manager, Nikon Instruments. "This year was no exception. At the intersection of art and science, this year's competition highlights stunning images from scientists, artists and photomicrographers of all experience levels and backgrounds from around the world."

The first prize was awarded to Grigorii Timin for his image of an embryonic hand from a giant day gecko from Madagascar.

Reference: Nikon Small World

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