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This is how it feels to be behind the wheel of a high-performance vehicle like the CX-60

A car is not just design and motorization. How we feel when entering the passenger compartment and that when traveling kilometers and kilometers it is as comfortable as possible, is a great point to take into account. And in the latest Mazda banner, the CX-60, steering, suspension, braking; together with the bodywork and its seats, they make a perfect tandem so that you just have to let yourself go and not worry about noise or discomfort .

And it is that the new Mazda CX-60 is based on Mazda’s Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture (Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture), which is perfectly adapted to the longitudinal front engine and rear-wheel drive layout of this SUV. This architecture fulfills several functions: it perfectly accommodates the new inline 6-cylinder engines and simplifies the installation of electrification technologies such as Mazda M Hybrid Boost and the entire e-Skyactiv hybrid chain. It even brings a number of improvements that enhance the Jinba Ittai experience.

The Jinba-ittai feeling of fusion between car and driver that can be experienced with the Mazda CX-60 in all kinds of everyday situations is maintained when driving on rough dirt tracks during weekend getaways or on snowy roads or ice in winter. Thanks to i-Activ all-wheel drive and the Mi-Drive selector, the car’s responsiveness is fantastic during on-road driving and remains confident and controllable in a wide variety of off-road situations . For the driver, this reliability is an extra confidence boost, like having a co-driver who we know will never let us down.

For example, and in line with Mazda’s human-centric approach, body rigidity helps the driver perceive the vehicle’s response more immediately, without delay; the seats help the occupants to maintain their balance naturally while the car is moving; the suspension helps stabilize poise, with the additional intervention of Kinematic Posture Control (KPC), a Mazda-exclusive vehicle poise control system.

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