FunThis is the Chinese firefighter robot that puts out...

This is the Chinese firefighter robot that puts out fires only at high temperatures

We already know that technology is an irretrievably part of our life. More and more we have new advances that can make our lives more useful, and even serve to put the most advanced technology at the service of man to save lives . This is the case of the new firefighter robot presented at Smart China Expo 2021, which has caused a sensation among attendees.

So much so, that more than a dozen fire departments in the country have already acquired one of these firefighting robots to incorporate them into their emergency services in the coming months.

What is the firefighter robot like?

The creator of this robot is the Chinese company Sevnce, which presented the prototype a day ago in the framework of this technology fair in the city of Chongquing.

The appearance of the vehicle is very reminiscent of those that NASA itself is currently using to explore Mars, and uses Artificial Intelligence to put it at the service of fire brigades.

It is designed to withstand high temperatures, and work for 24 hours since it does not need to rest. In addition, with its own strength it is capable of dragging the hose that in normal cases would have to be carried by at least 10 men.

The most surprising thing about this firefighter robot is that it has a built-in brain capable of making decisions and determining the dangerous situation it is in. Thanks to this, their devices are designed to detect toxic vapors or the presence of explosive material , which will be of great help to firefighters.

This will allow humans who are firefighters to be able to dedicate themselves to other less dangerous tasks and even know where they can safely enter and where they cannot.

$ 100,000

The prototype presented has already caused a sensation at the Smart China Expo , and many fire departments in the country have invested 100,000 euros to get one of them.

As if that weren’t enough, this firefighter robot can be purchased from the most famous Chinese trading page, Alibaba, at very different prices.

And, the Chinese robot is not the first of its kind. In 2019, the French company Shark Robotics already created a prototype of this style, Colossus , which was used for the work of extinguishing the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral.

Likewise, the Los Angeles fire department has had Thermite RS3, its own firefighter robot, for a few months.


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