NewsThunderstorms and thunderstorms continue to determine the weather

Thunderstorms and thunderstorms continue to determine the weather

The new week also begins with thunder and lightning. In places it can rain heavily again, storms cannot be ruled out.

Offenbach – The German Weather Service (DWD) reckons with thunderstorms and heavy rain in the new week. “But there is no national storm or flood situation,” said meteorologist Jaqueline Kernn.

Locally, however, the rain could be enough to flood cellars. For the areas devastated by the floods, “every bucket of water per square meter is too much.” The changeable weather is determined by Tief Dirk. It brings moist, warm air from the southwest to Germany.

Precipitation on the Alps and Lake Constance

According to Kernn, several thunderstorms can sweep across individual locations in the Alps and Lake Constance. Heavy rainfall must then be expected there. In places, up to 40 liters per square meter could fall on Monday. There can be strong gusts of wind. According to the DWD, the first thunderstorms already accumulated over the southeast on Sunday afternoon. There, hail showers with grains up to three centimeters thick were expected, locally also floods and landslides. The thunderstorms are only slowly disappearing. “There is no wind that would drive them away quickly.”

Sultry air and thunderstorms

In the rest of the country, lightning, thunder and rain should be less powerful on Monday. Kernn says there is a maximum of 20 liters of water per square meter. In addition, it stays warm. The temperatures reach values between 25 and 29 degrees – the humid and warm air not only makes Germany sweat, but also contributes to the thunderstorms. According to the DWD, these will decrease on Tuesday.

During the day it then remains largely dry. The break should be over by evening. Showers and light rains come in from the west. Meteorologists do not see beautiful, constant summer weather anywhere. dpa

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