EconomyFinancialTicketmaster's refund policy changes after Profeco's request

Ticketmaster's refund policy changes after Profeco's request

The Tickeckmaster company made a series of changes within its policies, among which it stands out that the people who purchased their tickets and the event is moved to a different date, regardless of the cause, may request a refund of the nominal value of the ticket.

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) reported that after a series of meetings held with the Computer Ticket Sales company, better known as Ticketmaster, it was informed about this change that will favor consumers.

Changes to Ticketmaster’s refund policy

Reimbursement of the face value of the ticket can now be requested immediately after an event is rescheduled regardless of the cause.

Profeco recalled that previously consumers had to wait for the cancellation of the event so that they could request a refund, it detailed in a statement.

Tickeckmaster stands out for selling tickets mainly online for different musical, sports, and entertainment events.

How to request a refund from Ticketmaster?

In the terms and conditions of the Ticket protector service (extended service that buys the ticket for an event and up to 72 hours after the date of the event).

“The refund will be up to the amount of 5,000.00 (five thousand pesos 00/100 MN), regardless of the total amount paid,” details the system on the internet.

*When the client who purchases the Ticket Protector suffers from a contagion of the SARS COV-2 virus, considered an endemic disease, before the event is held.

*Any serious injury or unforeseen serious or contagious illness presented by the Card Holder or a relative of the Card Holder in the first degree* that requires you to provide urgent care to that person.

*Any serious injury, contagious or serious unforeseen illness presented by a relative of the Card Holder in the first degree that is considered potentially contagious, fatal or that requires hospitalization.

*Death of the Holder or relative of the Holder in the first degree.

*When the Holder’s main residence becomes uninhabitable due to fire, flood, theft, vandalism or natural disasters, which are public knowledge or the documentation proving this fact must be presented.

*When the Holder or their first-degree relatives suffer a road accident on the day of the event.

*Your current employer or that of your spouse transfers you or entrusts professional activities to a place that is at least 200 kilometers from your main residence, and you must present the documentation that proves this fact.

The request for reimbursement is made through the internet where it is filled out and formatted and, to conclude the process and that the money is deposited in the bank account from which the purchase was made.

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