AutoTips for an electric car vacation

Tips for an electric car vacation

With the start of the month of August, the most massive departure operation of the holidays is about to begin, and there are many people who will travel by road with a 100% electric car. And it is that according to the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), in the first quarter of 2022 electric vehicles in the European Union practically doubled their market share compared to the same period of the previous year. For this reason, a Seat expert offers 5 tips for traveling on electric wheels this summer.

First of all, plan the trip . It is important to prepare ahead of time. Review the routes and locate the charging stations. “Select a few for possible stops, always taking into account both the driver’s rest needs and the car’s charging needs,” recommends Josep Bons , head of Electrical and Electronic Development at Seat. Better to have more than one station located in case the first option is busy or out of service.

Second, pre-heat the car . The air conditioning system of an electric car consumes energy from the battery, which means that an optimal management of the car’s air conditioning could lead to greater autonomy. For this reason, it is recommended that the vehicle maintain a constant internal temperature of 22ºC. It is advisable to lower the windows for a few minutes to ventilate the car before starting the journey. While driving, keeping the windows up will optimize range by ensuring better aerodynamic performance. “Turn them up before starting and turn on the air conditioning gradually until you reach 22ºC,” says the engineer. “This trick will help you save battery power on the go,” he adds.

You should also fully charge it . Leave home with the vehicle 100% charged. However, throughout the trip, it is recommended that the charge level is always between 30% and 80%. “This will save time at the station since the last phase of charging is the one that takes the most time,” says Bons.

Drive efficiently . Efficient driving is always recommended for a sustainable driving experience, but it will also help save battery power. “Anticipation is key,” says Bons. And he adds: “If sudden acceleration and braking are avoided, the battery charge will last longer.”

Finally, take advantage of free time . Recharging your battery doesn’t have to be boring. According to Bons, “depending on the charger, it can only take 20 minutes. In the slow chargers, it will be between 6 or 8 hours”, but the key is to make good use of this time. Depending on the weather and with prior planning of the route, during recharging you can take the opportunity to eat an ice cream, go sightseeing or spend time with friends, family or fellow travelers. It can also be a good opportunity to let the battery recharge throughout the night while you rest in a charming hotel.

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