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Tips for driving on the Autostrada in Italy

Italy has an extensive system of toll roads that cover the mainland from north to south and the west coast to the east coast and on the island of Sicily called the highway. The autostrada is designed to travel faster than the superstrada (freeway).

How to drive on the Autostrada

The autostradas highways are designated with an A in front of a number (such as A1, the main autostrada connecting Milan and Rome) and signs that point to the autostrada are green (as shown in photo).

To enter the autostrada , take a ticket at the entrance gate, then follow the sign in the direction you want to go (usually indicated by a major city, so you will need to know which city you are going to). You will pay at a toll booth when you get off, although in some places tolls are charged periodically at the booths along the autostrada . US credit cards don’t always work at the toll booth, so make sure you have cash with you. When you get to the toll booths, select the lane with a sign showing a hand and money.

The maximum speed limit on any autostrada is 130 kilometers per hour, but in some parts (like between Viareggio and Lucca and in Liguria) the maximum speed is 110, so always keep an eye out for posted speed limit signs. On curvy sections, the speed limit can be lowered by up to 60 kilometers per hour and speed limits are also lower in construction zones. Again, watch for the signs. Speeders are captured by Autovelox (cameras) or the Tutor System.

Always drive in the right lane, except to pass. In some sections of the autostrada, there are three or four lanes and in those, you can drive in the lane to the right (used mainly by trucks). The left lane is used for passing.

Tolls and Autostrada services

If you are trying to decide whether to drive or travel by train in Italy, you will need to add the cost of tolls to your price comparison. You can use an Autostrada toll calculator to calculate the cost of traveling between two points. There is also a calendar at the bottom of the page showing the dates for possible heavy traffic and a chart next to it that lists the current cheapest fuel prices at the northern Italian autostrada stations (note that prices are per liter and a liter is approximately .26 gallons)

Along the autostrada there are rest stops with gas stations, restrooms (usually clean and stocked with toilet paper), and places to eat or have a coffee along the road. The Autogrill is the most popular place to eat, where you will find sandwiches, cakes and sandwiches and sometimes a self-service restaurant open only for lunch and dinner. Part of Autogrill is also a store and the larger ones often have good deals on things like dry pasta, bottles of wine, or olive oil. Although Autogrill is considered the best, other restaurants or bars found along the Autostrada include Ciao Ristorante, Fini, and Sarni.

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