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Top 6 things to do in the Batignolles neighborhood of Paris

Located in a quiet residential area that isn’t especially close to family-friendly tourist attractions, the Batignolles neighborhood has long been off the radar for all but the most intrepid visitors. Leafy, quiet and village-like, the district is situated in the 17th arrondissement, just northwest of Montmartre and the often seedy district of Pigalle. While reputed to be a bit sleepy and uneventful, the neighborhood has evolved in recent years, becoming increasingly coveted by a young, artistic crowd for its innovative restaurants, laid-back nightlife, markets, and green spaces. . It is also home to an interesting history, especially such as the former grounds of French Impressionist artists and writers such as Emile Zola, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and Auguste Renoir. Some even claim that modern art itself was born in Batignolles. Today, young artists are returning to the area, gradually reviving its reputation as a center of creative impulse. It may not be the most exciting place in the capital, but it manages to feel both cool and old-fashioned, quaint and contemporary. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s gaining a reputation as a promising neighborhood to see in Paris. Here are 6 of the best things to do in the district.

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Have a drink in an unpretentious bar

Batignolles nightlife is decidedly laid-back and unpretentious – you won’t find noisy clubs or ultra-glamorous ‘see and be seen’ bars in this laid-back district. However, the area is home to many cool and interesting places to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail, and enjoy small dishes like cheese, charcuterie, or tapas. Here are a few that we like and highly recommend.

Le Comptoir des Batignolles (20 rue des Dames, Metro: La Fourche or Place de Clichy) A laid back and fun concept bar with retro furniture, antique furniture, and a leafy outdoor patio perfect for long summer nights. Serves draft beer, wines and signature cocktails. The food here includes cheese plates and cold cuts.

Le Petit Village (58 rue de la Condamine, Metro: La Fourche) : Another retro-chic neighborhood bar that’s especially appreciated for its summer hits with creative flavor combinations (think pear-ginger and orange-cinnamon). The relaxed atmosphere here during the week is perfect for a pre-dinner drink or a light meal and cocktail; On the weekends, the DJs spin and the atmosphere is a bit livelier.

Biotiful Batignolles ( 18 rue Biot, Metro: Place de Clichy) This trendy wine bar near the old Place de Clichy is attributed in part to the transformation of the area into a new and modern area in the 17. With an excellent selection of French and international wines, tapas and small plates and innovative cocktails shaken at home, a young crowd gathers here for after-work drinks or weekend gatherings. The place is also a local favorite among foodies for its delicious small plates.

Les Caves Populaires (22 rue des Dames, Metro: La Fourche or Place de Clichy) : Located right next to Le Comptoir des Batignolles, this neighborhood bar is loved by almost everyone and is therefore quite busy most of the nights. Loud, upbeat and laid-back, it’s an ideal place for a pre-dinner drink or, space permitting, a casual bistro meal.

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Enjoy the Old World charm of the Plaza de los Batignolles.

Anyone wishing to escape the hectic metropolitan feel in Paris would do well to relax in Batignolles, which was, unsurprisingly, once a separate village outside the city. Plaça des Batignolles is particularly charming and peaceful: lined with trees, this large green space features a waterfall, grottoes, rivers and ponds that are home to waterfowl.

Just outside the park entrance, the market square at Place Charles Fillon features independent shops and bakeries, and benches for people-watching or lounging after window-shopping. You could easily think of a different century here. The humble white church of Sainte-Marie that sits on the edge of the square certainly suggests a small French town rather than a sprawling, cosmopolitan city.

There are many excellent dining options in the park and on the square, all offering solid French cuisine. These include Comme Chez Maman (5 rue des Moines), appreciated by locals for its friendly service and tasty home-cooked dishes.

How to get there: Place Charles Fillion – Rue Cardinet, 17th arrondissement (Metro: Brochant)


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Explore the organic farmers market.

Batignolles is home to one of the few fully organic food markets in Paris, and is a major local pastime on Saturday mornings. Whether or not you’re staying in the area, get up a little early, grab a bag or two, and browse the colorful market stalls that pop up in the district every weekend. You can choose to enjoy the delicious views of overflowing strawberries and vibrant purple asparagus, ooze French cheeses and fresh fish, or do some real grocery shopping.

This is a great place to stock up on goodies for a Parisian picnic, or to score delicious pastries to fuel your sightseeing. Whether you buy something or not, the lively, village atmosphere is well worth the trip.

How to get there: 34, Boulevard de Batignolles (Metro: Roma or Place de Clichy)

Opening hours : Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

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Indulge your inner foodie at Coretta

One of the most innovative new French gastronomic restaurants in Paris, not to mention in Batignolles, Coretta has won over legions of foodies with its fresh, simple yet creative approach and focus on high-quality ingredients. Located on the edge of Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, the restaurant is named after Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther’s wife and a prominent civil rights activist in her own right.

The bright, airy and contemporary restaurant, headed by chefs Beatriz González and Jean François Pantaleon, stands out for its creative and beautifully presented use of fresh vegetables, innovative flavors and a globally deviant interpretation of classic French cuisine. The service is friendly and relaxed, even when the standards are high.

The carefully selected and impeccably prepared cuts of meat and fish fillets are accompanied by crisp fresh vegetables and fruits such as daikon radish, rhubarb, cherries or radishes, seasoned with sharp, unusual and awakening flavors (fresh mint). , marjoram) and decorated with edible flowers All meats and fish are sustainably sourced, so this is a good option for those who love ethics. The wine list is more than solid, and it also features some rare and prized bottles.

For dessert, try the delicious caramelized brioche with totally indulgent ice cream. It’s a gourmet twist on comfort food. However, a word of warning: one order is more than enough for two people.

How to get there: 151 Bis Rue Cardinet, 17th arrondissement (Metro: Brochant)

Book a table and see the opening hours on the official website

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Look for cool Scandinavian designs on Blou

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian designs from Sweden, Finland, or Denmark, this cool concept boutique is definitely an essential stop in the Batignolles district. Selling everything from bold and colorful Marimmeko cookware and dining sets to cozy yet stylish blankets and home décor items, the store is a favorite stop for anyone crazy about northern European design.

At its three locations, Blou also offers a wide selection of electronics and gadgets, accessories, designer books and magazines, attractive, bold and contemporary art for sale.

Get there:

There are three locations in Batignolles, each one specializing in different brands.

# 1: 97 Rue Legendre, 17th arrondissement (Metro: Brochant or La Fourche) – Brands include STRING, Ferm-living, Vitra, Baskinthesun, Olow, Clae, Ferm-living, Homecore, Tolix, and Muuto.

# 2: 75 rue Legendre (Metro: Brochant or La Fourche) – Brands include Treku, Atelier Areti, Prostoria, Andtradition, Normann, and Frama Copenhagen.

# 3: 20 rue des Dames (Metro: La Fourche or Place de Clichy) – This location specializes in the Finnish brand HAY and also offers products from Tonone, RAINS and Lumio.

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Check out contemporary art at Le BAL

This little-known cultural center is one of the best places in the city to discover local contemporary creation and get a general idea of what the current Paris art scene is like. With regular exhibitions on local artists and photographers, as well as film and documentary screenings, the center also has a cafe, cinema and bookstore. It is a refuge away from the noise of the city, and an ideal way to get some inspiration. Although technically located in the 18th arrondissement, it is still part of the general Batignolles-Place de Clichy neighborhood, and is well worth a stop.

How to get there: 6 Impasse de la Defense, 18th arrondissement

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