NewsTorrents and traffic chaos: Storms devastate parts of Germany

Torrents and traffic chaos: Storms devastate parts of Germany

The German Weather Service in Offenbach predicted it: Storms will hit parts of Germany violently, and that’s how it happened. One city in particular gets hit.

Update from Wednesday, June 30th, 2021, 11.15 a.m.: Again, violent storms in Hesse and other parts of Germany have caused chaos. Only in Frankfurt alone were more than 600 missions reported within two hours on Tuesday evening (June 29, 2021), the fire brigade announced on Tuesday evening. Up to 45 liters / m² of rain pelted down within a very short time. Basements and garages have flooded, underpasses and roadways have been flooded. In many places manhole covers were pushed up, which impaired traffic.

Rail traffic in Bavaria was also temporarily paralyzed on Tuesday. The storm hit the city of Landshut in Bavaria particularly hard. In parts of the city there was water in the streets and torrents falling. Numerous trees fell and cellars overflowed. “That was a storm that only happens every five to ten years,” emphasized Mirko Olzem from the integrated control center in Landshut. There were reportedly no injuries in all of Bavaria.

A spokeswoman for the German Weather Service (DWD) confirmed on Wednesday morning (June 30th, 2021) that the heavy rain in particular had a severe impact on some regions of Germany. In some places, around 30 liters of precipitation per hour pelted the streets. The storms, which first hit Bavaria, moved north early on Wednesday morning.

Unwetter über Frankfurt am Main


A storm loomed over the city of Frankfurt on Tuesday evening.

Weather in Germany: Experts warn of new storms – “It’s not over yet”

First report from Tuesday, June 29th, 2021, 9:01 p.m .: Offenbach – heavy rain, heavy thunderstorms, hail and storm – after the sometimes violent storms on Monday * it should also be uncomfortable on Tuesday (June 29th, 2021) in parts of Germany. The German Weather Service (DWD) * in Offenbach warns of strong thunderstorms with severe weather potential.

According to the German Weather Service, the focus of the storms, which can bring hail, storms and hurricane gusts, is in the south-west and south of Germany in the late afternoon. But the meteorologists from Offenbach are also predicting violent thunderstorms * in the north. It is said that there could be heavy rain and flooding there.

Die Unwetterserie in Deutschland geht weiter. Davon gehen Experten aus. (Symbolbild)


The series of storms in Germany continues. Experts assume that. (Symbol image)

Weather in Germany: violent thunderstorms threaten

In the night of Wednesday, the storms are expected to move across central Germany, according to the forecasts of the German Weather Service in Offenbach, but in a weaker form. Heavy rain is expected for the west. There it should “still pour heavily” throughout the night, according to the DWD.

Weather news *: All information about forecasts * on our topic page.

Wednesday (June 30th, 2021) also remains wet and uncomfortable, especially in northeast Germany. However, storms are no longer expected. And temperatures are also falling. The German Weather Service in Offenbach expects temperatures between 19 and 23 degrees for Wednesday, in the east it could be up to 26 degrees Celsius *. A maximum of 23 degrees are expected on Thursday. “The 25-degree mark will probably not be cracked again until the weekend, especially in the south-west and east,” says Offenbach.

Experts warn of thunderstorms at public viewing

Storms had already kept large parts of Germany in suspense on Monday. Especially in the south, thunderstorms had raged with a lot of rain, hail and squalls, reports graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from Within one to two hours, amounts of rain fell for a full month. In addition, gusts of wind of more than 100 kilometers per hour were measured, for example in Friedrichshafen, 117 kilometers per hour, and Stuttgart, 107 kilometers per hour.

“There were really dangerous storms and it’s not over yet, because new storms will continue from 4 p.m. this afternoon until Wednesday night. The focus is again on the region south of the Main line. We expect the most violent developments there, ”said the meteorologist. At public viewing in the garden at home, you have to be careful, watch the sky and follow the weather reports.

However, a turning point is looming for the weather in July 2021. In addition, an expert warns of a summer storm in Germany. (uf) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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