AutoTraffic Law: new rules for traffic

Traffic Law: new rules for traffic

A few months ago we told you about the new traffic regulations, contemplated in the latest reform of the Traffic Law. Today, December 2, 2021, it will be approved in the Congress of Deputies with all the changes that represent important news for our pocket. The mobile phone and speed are the two topics most worked on in this proposal, with special mention to the elimination of the 20 km / h margin for overtaking on conventional roads. The Senate considered that this measure, which was introduced in the 70s, is anachronistic and unnecessary today. But it is not the only controversy of this reform, which comes with a clear focus on reducing speed, also in the so-called 30 Cities . On these changes, and the training that should be accompanied, those of Renault and the DGT will speak in a “roadtrip” through Spanish cities that will end in 2022.

This traffic reform comes from afar, and we have told you about it before. In 2020, the DGT anticipated some of its measures, which were confirmed at the end of that year in the documents of the Royal Decree Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety. We are not going to recount the process that follows the approval of legal reforms in Spain but, after a season in which amendments could be presented, it has already returned to the Congress of Deputies for its final approval. The idea is that today it passes without any more problem, becoming official in the BOE and entering into force this same Saturday, December 4 .

The mobile or touch it

One of the most significant and positive changes for road safety has to do with the mobile phone. Until now, the police could punish the driver who used it or carry out some management with the device. As of Saturday, the mere fact of “holding it with your hand” may be fined according to paragraph G of article 76 of the Traffic Law, a change that will avoid the resources that are currently accumulated from automated radars. Simply, we will not be able to touch the mobile during the circulation, without margin.

The reform cites the following: “Using, holding by hand, mobile phone devices while driving, driving manually using mobile phone devices in conditions other than the previous one, driving manually using browsers or any other means or communication system, as well how to carry radar or cinemometers detection mechanisms in vehicles ”. This sanction now costs from 3 to 6 points of the card for points and also applies to the use of infotainment in cars, something that could happen simply by changing the song at the wrong time.

No radar detection, no 20 km / h margin

Another controversy is the elimination of the 20 km / h margin for overtaking on conventional roads. Until now, we could take advantage of that extra speed to pass, safely and reducing the meters of the maneuver, a vehicle that did not reach the speed limit. An option that will no longer be possible.

Nor will it be possible to carry radar detectors , regardless of whether they are running or not. It may seem like an obvious measure but currently they were allowed, their use being punishable, in addition to inhibitors that interfere with the cinemometer or radar.

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