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Tricks for the iPhone X

Do you have an iPhone X ? You are in luck, Apple has implemented all kinds of features so that we can interact with the phone in different ways. And it is that iOS has been renewed not only with new gestures , but also with options that will give us the possibility of getting more out of our smartphone.

In addition to the physical buttons, we can also perform gestures that will allow us to reach the function we want at all times and thus enhance the daily use of our iPhone X. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting tricks found in the phone.

Google launches a tool to delete personal information from searches

Google's 'Results About You', which is becoming available to some users, allows you to remove personal search results.

WhatsApp Surveys or how WhatsApp wants to know your opinion

WhatsApp may send us messages inviting us to participate in surveys to find out our opinion on certain aspects of the application.

What is BeReal, the social network that flees from posturing and devastates

BeReal randomly chooses the exact moment in which you have to publish your photo. You only have two minutes to make it and publish it.

Instagram: How to limit your screen time

Do you spend too much time looking at 'stories' or 'feeds'? While it is true that looking at photos and texts can be endless, we recommend a bit of restraint.

Instagram: how to manage multiple accounts from the same device

Do you want to keep personal, professional or even pet accounts on the same mobile? We explain how to do it.