NewsTwitter censors Republican congressman for calling transsexual Rachel Levine...

Twitter censors Republican congressman for calling transsexual Rachel Levine a "man"

Twitter has censored Republican Congressman Jim Banks after he called the US Undersecretary of Health, Rachel Levine, a “man .” The company headed by Jack Dorsey has decided to suspend Banks’ institutional profile, in a new exercise of lack of freedom of expression on the social network.

Levine is to be named a four-star admiral of the Public Health Corps. Upon appointment, she will become the first woman to achieve this rank. After hearing the news, Congressman Jim Banks posted the following message on the social network: “To call someone who was born and lived as a man for 54 years the first four-star official ‘woman’ is an insult to every little girl who dreams with breaking the glass ceilings one day, “said Banks in his official profile.

With this message Banks violated one of Twitter’s terms of service, which prohibits its users from harassing other people using their gender identity and also prohibits misidentifying transgender people. The message was removed from the platform last Saturday.

After the suspension of his official congressman account, Banks used his personal account to report that he has been suspended for mentioning an event: “Twitter has suspended my official account for posting a fact. I will not retract. I will be posting to my personal account for as long as it is. Big technology must be held accountable, ”he said in his publication.


Following the publication on his personal account, thousands of people have shown their support for the congressman in the comments. But there are also thousands of other people who have gone through his official account to leave messages asking Twitter, too, to close his personal account . Banks is one of the highest-ranking Republicans in the House of Representatives. He chairs the Republican Study Committee, a forum of Republican congressmen in which much of the policies that the party later proposes are forged.

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