AutoTwo years of Casa Seat

Two years of Casa Seat

Casa Seat is anniversary. Since it opened its doors in Barcelona in June 2020, it has scheduled 538 events and has received more than 242,000 visitors. The programming for this anniversary month will take the form of 1+1, in homage to the fusion of culture and mobility that forms part of the DNA of this Seat space. The exhibition ‘Fusta i Rodes’ on the history of skateboarding or the show ‘Home Street home’ by TvBoy have been clear examples of this union. In turn, over these two years, other alliances have been created such as art and sport, economy and sustainability, literature and health, global news and local perspective, among others.

Thus, with a new calendar, whose activities are free with prior reservation at, on June 3, the prestigious photographer Steve McCurry will offer a conference in which he will explain to the public at Casa Seat his career and accumulated experiences throughout his 40-year career. It will be a unique opportunity to get to know the author of ‘Afghan Girl’, one of the most famous works in this discipline, published by National Geographic in 1985.

The celebration of this birthday will also feature the singer and actress Rosario Flores as a special guest. On the 8th, he will star in the ‘Meet The Artist’ session, the series of intimate conversations with the most important artists in the country.

On the other hand, the dancer and choreographer Antonio Canales , one of the leading figures in Spanish dance, will be another of the guests of honor at the great celebration. On June 10, he will share his knowledge about the history of flamenco and how he imagines the future of this art.

On June 1, experts in the blockchain and metaverse sector will give a conference in the auditorium in which they will analyze the opportunities and challenges of these new paradigms in the creative industries.

On the other hand, on the 18th, Ángel Suárez , head of Vehicle Physics at Seat, will give a sustainable mobility workshop in which he will talk about the origin of gasoline, what CO² is or how an electric car works. It will be an opportunity for children between the ages of 5 and 11 to have fun learning about the future of mobility.

As of May 31, Casa Seat will dedicate the three floors of exhibition space to remembering the 1992 Olympic Games. In addition to the recreational and sporting aspect, emphasis will be placed on the ability of citizens to mobilize, as well as the changes experienced by the City of Barcelona. The exhibition is curated by Claudia Crego and has had the participation of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation, Managing Entity of the Barcelona Olympic Museum, the Voluntaris 2000 association and Seat Coches Históricos.

As a welcome to the space, the entrance on floor 0 will receive visitors with some of the elements that made up the scenery for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games: Cobi riding a bull that has been restored for the occasion and the original waves that symbolized the sea of the inaugural show ‘Mediterrani, olímpic sea’, by La Fura dels Baus. The Olympic stadium built to scale, in which visitors will be able to access, will house images and historical objects that will contextualize the exhibition .

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